Content writing is a job that gets people going ‘Eh’ Nobody knows what it is and those who know are content writers themselves It’s the kind of job that m

If you have followed our posts in the past, you would have come across the term ‘writer-dome’ often Writer-dome is a fairy land with ink and paper to last

Being a writer is terrifying You grapple at your reader’s attention with elaborate sentences and sparkly words, but you can’t be sure of their adoration You

Every writer goes through the same stages: initial fascination with the written word, some sharpening of skills, finding the genre and then, developing a unique

It starts off as a strenuous battle with a heavy pencil and protesting, dry paper Then it turns into a mildly pleasant experience with the tools of the craft tu

 What do you want to be when you grow up A: I want to create incredible things, spin yards and yards of stories, work magic with the power of my words… I wa

Do you mentally correct your friend’s sentence construction as she vents her anger at being sacked Do you feel like punching your partner in the face when he