Content Tip 112: If you are writing websites, be wholly client-focused Answer questions people ask you during one-on-one meetings Inform and educate, the sales

Content Tip 111: When creating content buckets, employ a judicious mix of informative, hybrid, and product-focused topics You need to win the confidence of your

Content Tip 110: Participate in B2B forums on LinkedIn, Quora and other relevant platforms for your business Answer questions about your domain and educate your

Content Tip 109: Go for a mobile app if you need to present transactional content and on-the-go functionalities For dynamic and static content, a responsive w

Content Tip 108: The success of social media, reality shows, sitcoms, and family dramas has proven that ’emotional investment’ is a great idea to connect wi

Content Tip 107: If you want your audience to retain what they read, your writing should help them Repeat it, Summarize it, and even Challenge it This is what w

Content Tip 106: Subscribe to podcasts related to your area of interest and expertise It breaks the clutter and often works better than written content Podcasts

Content Tip 105: Ensure that your website is responsive Give people the chance to access your message and content through whichever platform suits them 365 #C

Content Tip 104: To maintain content quality, set up a robust creative and technical review mechanism Share these guidelines and best practices with all content

Content Tip 103: Each year, brands are creating more and more content However, the total customer engagement with that content remains flat Reason Too much quan

Content Tip 102: The trick with content marketing is to avoid “me too” ideas Only the most original, well-crafted, and targeted content is likely to perfo

Content Tip 101: Just 5% of branded content accounts for 90% of all engagement! So, get obsessed with creating and pushing quality content 365 #ContentMarketing