Press Releases




They Won’t Take Your Word For It

When audiences come across advertisements and other forms of sponsored communications, they tend to believe that the information, claims, its relevance, and benefits could be exaggerated or overblown. Instead, if they hear it from an independent source, like a news agency, a business magazine, or an opinion leader, they are likely to believe the same story.


What Is A Press Release?

A press release (or media release or news release) is a note about a newsworthy item, written by an entity seeking publicity. This piece of useful, accurate and interesting information is submitted directly to a reporter who uses his or her discretion to evaluate the story and contact the issuer for more information and complete coverage.


What Can A Press Release Do For You?

A Press Release is not a marketing or advertising activity, but an attempt to share information with a reputed and respected member of the media. A press release can build credibility and trust for your company. When a reporter covers your story, it gets a mark of authenticity and relevance.


Marketing Tip: Press releases are crucial marketing tools. They can help you communicate the latest developments with the external audience, and invoke interest.


How To Write A Press Release


Reporters are flooded with hundreds of press releases every week. Most reporters set their own benchmarks for accepting press releases, and value timeliness, newsworthiness, and clarity of information. Only a professionally-written press release can entice the reporter to cover your story.


A well-written news release follows a standard format, as shown. However, based on the mode of press release submission, and type of information being shared, one can customize the format for brevity.


The Typical Components Of A Press Release Are:

  • The company name and logo/ letterhead
  • Web and postal address
  • Complete contact information of the designated media contact
  • The words ‘PRESS RELEASE’ and ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’ (if so)

A Press Release Should Have A Well-Planned Structure And Flow

  • A simple introduction – with city, time, date, and answers to details like – who, what, where, when
  • A press release body – covering details like who this information is for and what it hopes to achieve
  • Conclusion – how it will help them
  • A centre-aligned ‘###’ which marks the end of the press release

Press Releases For Search Engine Optimization

In the traditional sense, a successful press release is the one that can get a journalist interested, and entice him or her to cover the entire story as a news piece. However, an online press release also serves an additional purpose: it aids search engine optimization (SEO) and drives traffic to your content.


This is how it works:


  • A business develops a website
  • The business submits a keyword-rich press release to online forums accepting press releases
  • The keyword-rich press release draws the consumer to the forum, where she/he learns about developments at the business, and navigates to the website

An online press release can be submitted to PR forums which accept press releases and post them online for interested journalists to pick up and report. A well-written press release can have many relevant keywords.


Hence, a press release published online can aid your online marketing initiatives by leading traffic to these websites, which in turn direct traffic to your main website!


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