Content Marketing is all around us. From your local grocery store to the used car showroom, and from the insurance consultant to the drug salesman, anyone associated with sales and marketing indulges in content marketing in one form or the other.


In the online space, ‘content marketing’ assumes greater importance because customers are no longer bound by the traditional limitations of geography, brand loyalty or logistical bottlenecks. The World Wide Web has facilitated a level playing field where the best man invariably wins!


So what is Content Marketing?

The process of planning and creating strategically important business content, with the objective of acquiring customers, is called content marketing. It is the process of telling an engaging story about how your clients and prospects can achieve their objectives by using your products or services.


In other words, content marketing is all about taking your sales and marketing efforts online, getting noticed and ensuring that your prospects are convinced about your ability to deliver what they need.


Content marketing is for businesses looking to:


  • Generate sales leads online
  • Engage and retain customers
  • Educate and inform prospects
  • Share ideas, breakthroughs and achievements


Evolution of Content Marketing

Buyer behavior is always changing. Customers are becoming savvy and they like to do their groundwork before buying. Almost everybody turns to the World Wide Web to learn and “research”. This is because nobody likes to be sold to, they like to buy.


Hence, online marketers should empower prospective clients with high-quality relevant content that can facilitate the process of buying.


Get Content = Get Customer.


Benefits of Content Marketing

So what can content marketing really do? What should one expect? Well, for starters, your clients and prospects will take you very seriously. Everybody likes to work with experts.


Here are some of the tangible benefits that will come your way:


  • Increase in web traffic
  • More customers through your website
  • Improvement in the quality of leads (almost ever inquiry is from a serious buyer)
  • A chance to compete with the big businesses at a fraction of the budget
  • Amazing ROI


Honesty Is the Best Policy

As always, when it comes to web content, Google only rewards honesty. So if you want to position yourself as an expert, your thoughts, actions, achievements and abilities must substantiate that claim.


For example, let’s consider our website. We are a content writing company. Clients and prospects landing on our website judge us by the quality of content we carry. If they like what they read, they are more likely to hire us for their content writing needs. Isn’t it simple?


Similarly, your businesses need to demonstrate expertise in your chosen area of operation. Just like we are sharing our thoughts about content marketing (which we foresee as the future of web content), you must stay ahead of the curve, preempt trends, share opinions, success stories, whitepapers and more.


content marketing strategy1


Everybody likes a hero. That is because interesting stories are the ones where heroes solve problems. Hence, a powerful content strategy should be closely linked to the nature of your offering and the problems it solves. Tell your audience about the features and benefits of your products. If you do it well, they will come looking for your products and service. Take our word… it’s a delightful experience!


A content marketing plan can include web content, blogs, articles, newsletters, videos, social media feeds, etc. Whatever you do, don’t make it about you. The focus should always be to address the client’s problems and not to make a sales pitch.


Before you start, ensure that you have a very good website. Remember, the best websites are the ones that not only look good, but are also content-rich and adhere to the design, technical and quality guidelines laid down by Google.


Write to us to share your requirements. LexiConn has helped clients across 20 countries execute their content marketing strategies. We look forward to working with you!