Amazon is one of the world’s largest online marketplace. Selling your product on this e-commerce giant means increased brand visibility and eventually – growth in sales. With their customer-centric approach, Amazon has made consistent efforts to make their portal more user-friendly by updating its interface and revamping content structure with the changing times.


What Is A+ Content?

A+ Enhanced Marketing Content, or popularly known as A+ Content is summarizing the product description in precise, informative points with creative sales copy headings that attract the consumers’ interest. Concise paragraphs explaining prominent features, specifications and product benefits coupled with eye-catchy and scannable banners allow the buyer to know all the important details of the product at a quick glance. Furthermore, multiple images with 360° product views, matrix charts, among other elements enhance the overall appeal of the product.


5 Advantages Of A+ Content:

After conducting a 90 days study of 134,000 products in 2015, Amazon concluded that by adding A+ Content on the product description page leads to a spike in sales between 3 – 10 percent. Of course, product quality and price play a significant part too but one cannot underestimate the impact of effective content marketing. 


A content


1. Grab The Customer’s Attention 

A refreshing change from cluttered information and descriptive paragraphs, A+ Content with its brief points, effective call-outs and high-resolution images can easily make an impression on the minds of potential buyers and entice them to buy the product. 


2. Easy On The Eyes

When the product information is placed in the right sequence of points instead of chunks of paragraphs, it is quite easy to look at and skim through as the customers don’t have to spend much of their time in reading all the details. 


3. Gets Your Product In The Spotlight

One of the major benefits of opting for A+ Content is the eye-catching banner images that display your product and its benefits in all its glory! The shopper gets the chance to have a 360° look at your product, thus allowing them to make an informed decision of buying the product. 


4.  Effective Marketing Strategy 

A+ Content is a cost-efficient and effective alternative to brochures and leaflets and serves the purpose of any contemporary marketing collateral in the digital sphere. 


5. Boosting Your SEO And High Ranking 

Using the right keywords in the copy allows you to leverage your product to its optimum potential, thereby increasing its ranking on Amazon Search Engine Result Pages.  


3 Important Tips For Designing A+ Content: 

1. Focus On The USP

This is a dealmaker or dealbreaker point for any product and it is important that this point is highlighted at the forefront. 


2. The Perfect Blend Of Copy And Image

Nothing sells like hotcakes when striking images are used with the right set of words. Ensure your copy is error-free, inoffensive and the image complements the text content well.   


3. Visually Appropriate

Make sure your images have the perfect resolution as per the dimensions specified by Amazon so that they don’t get rejected. Also, the images and banners should be an extension of your brand’s colour scheme and symbolize all that your company stands for!  


After considering the aforementioned factors, it is important that you choose one of your top-selling products if you are opting for A+ Content the first time. To paraphrase, A+ Content gets you maximum brand recognition, SEO relevance and contributes to more profits.    


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