Content Tip 318: Use emails to build a connection rather than simply to market You can provide information and links to pages on your blog or website that you

Content Tip 317: Be aware of apprehensions that your customers may have about your brand, and publish content to dispel them Insider videos, articles and podca

Content Tip 316: Including social issues as part of your content strategy can help promote your brand as one with a ‘heart’ Choose a cause you believe in a

Content Tip 315: Each part of your content marketing strategy must have a defined outcome, whether it is propagating a message, drawing visitors to your online

Content Tip 314: What is the one thing that makes your brand stand out Determine that and center your content marketing strategy around it 365 #ContentMarketin

Content Tip 313: Start your long form content pieces by briefly mentioning what you will outline in each section This will help readers gauge the relevance of t

Content Tip 312: Content marketing can help customers create a relationship with your brand Factors like brand perception and an increase in brand loyalty deter

Content Tip 311: From videos to infographics, any visual content you offer must be easy to understand without the need for lengthy explanatory text 365 #Content

Content Tip 310: Step into the shoes of your target audience to make sure your content is accessible to them Everything from the language used to the medium of