Content Tip 332: Your site's structure can affect its search engine ranking The pages with the higher ranks are those that are easy to access with the fewest cl

Content Tip 331: Analyze your blog to learn which posts drew most traffic and were popular among your readers Knowing what your followers want to read about can

Content Tip 330: For more creative pieces, use your writing to paint a picture in the reader’s imagination Focus on describing sensations and evoking emotions

Content Tip 329: As a brand, your social media presence should go beyond sharing content Respond to followers, comment on pertinent posts, and engage with exper

Content Tip 328: Keep an eye out for new ways to engage with your audience Be willing to experiment with different forms of content like podcasts, videos and ch

Content Tip 327: Include data and statistics from credible sources to make a greater impact with your piece Look through research papers, journals, and online t

Content Tip 326: Remember that it can take several iterations to finalize a piece of content Provide clear feedback outlining what needs to be modified and why

Content Tip 325: Content creation is a creative process that varies from person to person Once you have shared the brief, be prepared to receive a piece infuse

Content Tip 324: Give your writers the creative space to do justice to your content requirement Ensure the deadline you set is proportionate to the work you ex