If you’re good at expressing yourself in words, you might consider being a Content Writer or Content Writing expert. 


Once you’ve acquired the professional skills you’ll need, you can join one of the renowned content writing services companies or become a freelancer. 


You should know a number of things about writing content before entering the field. 


Content writers specialise in a variety of fields. What you need to understand about this profession is that there are different domain specialisations


It is therefore important to know about various content writing domain specialisations before you start your career as a content writer.


You will learn about different types of content writing domain specialisations in this blog post, so you can see how each type of writing is different.


12 Content Writing Domains Specialisation:

1. Technical Content Writing

It’s challenging to write analytic and structured content. 


The creation of highly technical content is the specialty of Technical Content WritersThe experts have extensive knowledge of software, hardware, various electronic components, as well as IT.


Technical writers know a lot about the field they specialise in and pay careful attention to details. The content they write is long-form. 


Many of the experts within this group have written technical papers, guides, or manuals. Two kinds of technical writers exist:


  • Certain types of professional writers write for specific groups of consumers. Among the topics, IT professionals can write about are specific topics tailored to their needs.
  • Those who write for a non-technical audience use jargon-rich vocabulary. 


For their target groups to easily read and comprehend these complex technical terms, it is necessary to simplify them.


2. Marketing Content Writing

Content produced by these writers includes documents such as brochures, newsletters, e-newsletters, brochures, audio and visual content, and flyers.


Writing content for communications and marketing requires meticulous attention to detail. The content should be formatted and organized to make the greatest impact.


This type of content marketing persuades readers to purchase based on detailed information. 


This serves two purposes:


  • It emphasizes your brand’s unique characteristics. By conveying the message in a way that encourages action, it assists the prospect in becoming a customer.
  • Copywriters in advertising are well known for their creativity and innovation.


They leave a lasting impression of your brand on the audience by providing focused, interesting content. Therefore, they must produce content that is easily consumable by the audience.


Even though advertising is highly competitive, advertising copywriters strive to tell stories uniquely.


3. Academic Content Writing

As writers in this domain specialisation, it is their responsibility to create online content that students and learners can consume.


The ability to communicate clearly through written communication is essential. It is absolutely vital that you communicate your ideas clearly.


Whenever they write, they think about who they’re writing for. They will use different words and sentence structures based on the audience. Therefore, it is important to keep the grade in mind while writing.


When writing academically, all writers must conduct extensive research and have a solid grasp of their topics.


It is their daily duty to adhere to a strict code of conduct and to learn to edit and correct poorly written materials in their fields. 


4. Legal Content Writing

Legal issues are the focus of these writers. 


The legal writing niche consists of writers who focus on in-depth legal topics intended for readers who work in the legal profession. Being a legal writer is both rewarding and exhausting. 


Content produced by them should be authentic.


A legal draft writer must ensure that their language is accurate, using appropriate vocabulary and syntax.


5. SaaS Content Writing

SaaS Content Writers assist users with their content writing by describing and demonstrating how users can quickly solve their problems with your software.


This helps the SaaS companies to make easy conversions as people start understanding their software in a better way:


  • Educate and engage the audience
  • Attract high-quality traffic
  • Increase the number of new users and 
  • Recurring revenue.


6. Banking and Personal Finance Content Writing

Writing well-written, concise copies and asking probing questions are the hallmarks of financial writers. A person in the position must also be able to explain complex financial terms and transactions to a layperson.


Finance professionals are regularly asked to go beyond summary statements and analyse data in order to evaluate and analyse a scenario. You should be able to infer conclusions or offer recommendations based on carefully compiled and documented evidence. 


Finance professionals with content writing skills are in a good position to do this. 


7. Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing

Lifestyle Content writers create content about daily living in written, visual or audio form. Your lifestyle includes travel, fitness, health, hobbies, handcrafts, house and home, finances, cosmetics, cooking, interior design, gardening, and more.


In B2B content, the company comes first, while lifestyle content is more focused on the individual. As with B2B content, lifestyle content needs to offer something of value to its audience: encouraging, affirming, entertaining, or inspiring the audience.


Fashion content is often very brand-specific, containing specific wording, tone, and style requirements. The content is heavily influenced by a client’s brief, which includes brand guidelines or specifications.


Fashion & Lifestyle Content Writing includes:


  • Authentic Voice
  • Break up Text with Headers and Visuals
  • Evergreen Content 
  • Concise and Clear Messages
  • Original and Actionable Ideas


8. Health Content Writing

Health Content writers can cover a wide range of topics, including medical advice, nutrition, and personal fitness. Their articles, guides, and lists focus on health-related topics. By reading these content pieces, readers can get medical advice and information. 


There are three main types of domain specialisation in Health Content Writing:


Health Content Writing (Domains Specializations)

  • Medical Content Writing: Information, news, and advice about medical advancements and scientific studies is included in this domain specialisation.
  • Wellness Content Writing: This area of writing focuses on physical and mental well-being, including diet and motivation.
  • Fitness Content Writing: In this domain specialisation, health writers describe exercise and fitness routines, diets, and exercises to work for different muscle groups.


9. Sports Content Writing

A Sports Content writer covers topics related to the sports industry. Sports writing may be the career for you if you are a good writer who enjoys interacting with sports fans.


As a Sports Content writer, you’ll make sure your content is informative, engaging, and entertaining. Researching current events, visiting related games, and networking with industry members are often necessary to write the best content.


Several of them create content on one sport, such as football, basketball, or baseball within their region, while others report on a mixture of sports. For sportswriters, the written content is full of detail, unlike other forms of journalism.


Their work appears in professional blogs, newspapers, magazines, television shows, and radio programs.


10. Media and Entertainment Content Writing

Writing for the media and entertainment industry is a fascinating aspect of the entertainment industry. It is a highly rewarding career in entertainment journalism. Nevertheless, it needs a perfect combination of various factors, such as expertise, networking, and attention to detail.


Your writing should be unique and focused on a particular topic.


Media, retail, and hospitality have all tapped into entertainment web content writing as a key differentiator. A dynamic content strategy is all about delivering what consumers want when they want it, and how they want it to engage them.


11. Travel & Hospitality Content Writing 

It takes a lot of creativity to be a travel writer, but the pay is impressive. You will excel in this job if you love to travel and write about it. Basically, a travel writer is one who travels and writes about their travel experiences.


If you wish to become a travel writer, be sure to pay attention to details, as you will have to thoroughly research your surroundings to write from everybody’s perspective.


To be a successful travel writer, you must have strong writing skills, including perfect spelling and grammar.


12. Video Game Content Writing 

During the development of a video game, video game writers work on creating storylines, dialogue, and characters. 


A video game writer works closely with the programmer, the game designer, the game developer, and the level designer to develop the game’s story, look, and feel.



Before you can practice your skills in content writing, you need to find the content writing domain specialisation that interests you. Also, go through various skills and courses that can help you in becoming an expert in your domain. 


Now that you know what to do, what are you waiting for? 


Write the type of content you enjoy and you will eventually reach the zenith of your career as a content writer.

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