We regularly go through multiple blogs, websites, social media posts, emails, maybe for work or non-work-related activities. Some of the content we consume feels so engaging, while other posts can seem so dull that we skip through them. 


Why is it so? What makes something click? What makes something engaging? It all depends on the skills of the person making the content, of course. The people behind the posts we engage with every day are the content writers. 


If you are passionate about writing and wondering how to become a content writer yourself, read this blog and find out what you can do to achieve your goal. 


What is content writing and why is it important?

Content writing basically means drafting comprehensive, engaging, and appealing content for consumers. Content writers must have impeccable research and writing skills to create appealing content. For any writing to be categorized as content writing, it must have engaging, compelling, and user-friendly content. 


There are many benefits of producing top-notch content for consumers. For starters, it is an invaluable part of digital marketing. It helps establish the brand value of a company. Quality content optimizes SEO tools which helps the piece reach a wider audience. 


Now, you must be wondering how to become a content writer. In this blog, we will show you how. This can help you land content writing jobs, a freelance content job, or even a full-time content writing job.  


Types of content writing (or examples of content writing)

Content writers are always in demand due to the importance of high-quality content for marketing purposes and overall brand growth. There are different types of content writing that serve different purposes. Let us have a look at them:


Blog writing or article writing

Blog writing or article writing refers to a news piece or guide generally covering a specific topic of interest. Blogs and articles can be educational in nature or used for marketing purposes. 


The aim of high-quality blogs and articles is to grow a company’s brand awareness and credibility. The quality of these blogs and articles will determine how much traction your brand is getting, which will play a role in the revenue generation of your brand. 


Organizations utilize blogs to share information with their target audience, so including images, infographics, charts, and videos in the piece makes it more appealing. 



Copywriting is the process of drafting persuasive, engaging, marketing, and promotional content that encourages people to engage and take action. It could be used to encourage the consumer to make a purchase, schedule a consultation, or simply click on a promotional link.


Sales letters, catalogs, fundraisers, etc., are common examples of copywriting. 


copywritingOn this page, content has been written to encourage the consumer to engage in multiple ways – by getting the consumer to follow them on socials, consult a stylist, and get to know the brand better. These prompts, which we encounter regularly, are types of persuasive, actionable copywriting.


Academic Writing

Academic writing refers to the formal style of content writing used in scholarly publications. There are specific conventions for academic writing in terms of structure and style. The text must be formal, unbiased, well researched, well-sourced, clear, focused, and consistent. 


Let’s take a look at some examples of the types of academic writing:

  1. Research Paper
  2. Thesis
  3. Literature Review
  4. Lab Report
  5. Essay


Technical Writing

Technical writing refers to creating detailed documentation of technical processes. Reports, briefs, and executive summary statements fall in the technical writing category. This includes any technical information related to engineering, high-tech manufacturing, aerospace, finance, IT, energy, etc., that is conveyed in writing. 


Technical information must be unambiguous and distilled. The format for technical writing has also evolved over time and is no longer bound to massive user manuals. Emails, press releases, and briefs are also used nowadays to convey technical information. 


Travel Writing

Travel writing covers a wide area of writing, beginning from creating promotional content for travel service providers to covering travel blogs, memoirs, guides, and so on. Tourism industry professionals build a strong brand presence using engaging promotional content across all online avenues. Tourism content marketing has exploded in this internet and social media age. 


Tech-savvy travelers and tourists check websites, and socials and read reviews for all travel service providers. Your online presence will help them form opinions. 


Travelers also read blogs and memoirs before deciding on their vacation spots. This provides a wide range of opportunities for content writers to explore the travel writing industry. 


Social Media Content Writing

Content created to engage and appeal to consumers on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is social media content. Due to its close proximity to consumers, content on social media have an enormous reach.


Social Media Content Writing


This often proves to be more effective than traditional advertising methods. The high degree of consumer interaction on social media allows a brand’s content to reach a larger audience in a considerably short period, which would not have been possible before. 


Social Media Content Writing for brands


But the content on social media must be of top quality and should be appealing to the target audience. When the content is engaging, the consumer help promote the brand’s content. 


White Paper Writing

White paper writing is a detailed report or guide created about a specific topic and its problems with an in-depth analysis of how to solve it. White papers are incredibly technical and in-depth.


The content published in a white paper is generally backed by detailed research and statistics. To make it appealing for the reader, white papers often include graphs, charts, tables, and other means of visual data.


White Paper Writing


Email Writing

Email content writing refers to the actual content in email subject lines and body. The aim is to encourage customers to buy or subscribe to a company’s products. An email must contain text with high persuasive power and must possess a high degree of engaging quality. If done well, it can be an effective marketing tool to bring in customers.  


Video Script Writing

A video, if done right, can be one of the most powerful marketing tools. In general, videos get more engagement and create more growth for a brand than any other method of marketing, especially in the social media age.


In a marketing script, storytelling must strategically appeal to the consumer’s emotions, make them feel inspired, and impart certain values that can form lasting relationships with the brand and the potential customers. 


A video scriptwriter must be able to recognize the characteristics of the target audience, their sentiments, and their needs. The story that is told must have a certain degree of authenticity and form a correlation with the brand’s and potential customers’ values. 


How to create good content?

If you wish to know more about how to become a content writer, you must first learn to create good content that is appealing to the target audience. Here is how you can do that:


Identify your target audience 

It is imperative to learn how to convey the information your target audience seeks effectively. Do not use jargon. Keep it simple. Make your writing engaging. Bend some grammar rules if you have to – for the betterment of the blog or article. Put up a good headline and use impactful language to keep the reader interested in what you have to say.


Create a plan, and an outline for the content

Creating an outline for your article or blog will help you organize your thoughts on the piece. Figure out what tone is most appropriate for that particular piece of content. Collect as much data as possible on the topic before you begin writing. In the end, while you proofread the article or blog, you can remove some of the information that seems unnecessary or redundant.


Conduct thorough research on the topic

Assemble as much information on the topic as possible. Providing credible resources and references will improve the quality of your work. Make sure you include only the most appropriate and relevant points on the subject. Cut out the unnecessary information that does not add value to the piece you are working on. So, ensure that you do not get caught up in your research and waste valuable time.


Use bullet points where appropriate

Search engines value blogs and articles that include bullet points and subheadings. Articles with bullet points gain more traction as readers find them more engaging. Using bullet points helps the reader process the information more effectively. 


Make your content more engaging

Use statistics, pictures, videos, and infographics to make the content more engaging and appealing to the target audience. A pictorial illustration helps the reader process the information better.  


Engaging content


Proofread your article or blog

Proofread your work upon completion. Eliminate any grammatical errors and ensure that the language is impeccable. There are multiple AI power writing applications to help you proofread, like Grammarly, Writesonic, Rytr, and more. 


Set a Timer

Set a timer and analyze how much work you can get done during that period of time. Be disciplined and ensure that you do not do anything else but work during that time. Set a time for breaks and work and follow that strictly. Over time, with practice, you shall be able to write more during the same period than when you were starting out. 


What skills should a content writer possess?

One of the most vital aspects of how to become a content writer is having multi-faceted skillset. To begin with, originality, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking are great skill sets to have for a content writer. According to a survey done by Social Media Examiner, 58% of marketers consider original written content to be the most important category of content.


Here are some basic skills that content writers must possess:

  • Impeccable Grammar
  • Strong research skills
  • Linguistic Accuracy
  • Knowledge of the basics of digital marketing
  • Knowledge of basic formatting skills
  • Time Management and organizational skills
  • Ability to think out of the box
  • A solid understanding of SEO
  • Good content editing skills
  • Good understanding of social media marketing
  • Brand knowledge
  • Adaptability


How to become a content writer with no experience in India?

Maybe you are intrigued by the lives of writers and are wondering how to become a content writer. Other than the points we discussed earlier in this blog, there are other points you need to keep in mind if you are determined to turn your dream into reality. 


The good thing is that there are no set guidelines, nor are there are any requirements for specialized degrees and diplomas to become a content writer. You could also land a freelance content writing job with no experience. But that doesn’t mean it is easy. You would need regular practice to get to the top-tier and possess excellent skills. 


Let us examine how to become a content writer with no experience:


Find your niche

Identify the areas that interest you. Start simple. Write about things you have reasonable knowledge of. With time, practice, and hard work, you can combine your niche and content writing skills, you could become a subject matter expert, and discover incredible career opportunities.


Enroll in content writing courses

Take up courses in content writing to master your technical writing and research skills. There is a wide range of online courses on content writing to choose from.


Udemy, Skillshare, ECT, and many other online content writing course providers offer affordable, useful courses that can help you gain much-need expertise, sharpen your skills, and land more attractive clients in the future. 


content writing courses


Apply for a content writing internship

If you are still in college and are interested in becoming a content writer, start off by applying for internships at content writing agencies or intern at newspaper and magazine offices and start writing columns for them.


Start your own blog

Demonstrate your writing ability by starting a blog. Setting up a blog is simple. There are numerous resources to help you do that. 


Create engaging content to appeal to your readers. Share your work with your connections on social media and gain traction. The feedback you receive on your blogs will help you become a better writer. Provide a link for your blogs in your resume. This will help significantly increase your chances of getting hired as a content writer. 


Grow your influence on social media

Grow your influence on social media. Build a brand for yourself. Create engagement. Join Facebook groups for writers and connect with other content creators on social media. Build a follower base on Twitter and Instagram by publishing engaging, high-quality content. 


Create the perfect LinkedIn profile

Even though LinkedIn is not the only platform to attract potential recruiters, its organic reach makes it the preferred social platform for freelancers and recruiters alike. LinkedIn is a search engine, so make sure that you highlight a skills section on your profile to catch the recruiter’s eye. Include relevant keywords in your page’s title and description.


LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn has over 700 million users worldwide, making it one of the largest social networking platforms. There is no shortage of potential recruiters and clients on LinkedIn, so ensure that you create a dynamic and engaging profile. 


Explore freelancing opportunities and look for job openings

Now that you have got an idea about how to become a content writer, it is time to look for employment opportunities. Keep an eye on agencies looking for full-time content writers. If you struggle to land a full-time content writing job, explore freelance opportunities.


There are multiple advertising agencies and digital marketing companies in search of content writers. Draft an effective resume and cover letter. Then, start applying.  


Is becoming a content writer a good career decision?

The great thing about a career in content writing is that you can learn it at any age. There is practically no barrier or restrictions when it comes to learning content writing skills. 


You can also get a freelance content writing job where you work on multiple projects at a time and form connections with multiple agencies. There are tons of openings available for freelance content writing gigs, not only in India but across the world. 


In 2019, a leading freelancing platform named Upwork conducted a study, where they found that freelancing jobs made an impact on 5% of the United States GDP. This study proves the demand for freelance writers. 


Thanks to the fast, accessible internet, and global online payment services, companies are more open to outsourcing their work to external vendors instead of having in-house employees do that work. This helps companies cut operation costs. 


Organizations both in India and abroad are constantly looking for freelance content writers and content agencies to meet their ad-hoc requirements. 


Courses in Content Writing

You have the option to choose from a plethora of affordable online courses in content writing. These courses will help you garner the skills and expertise required to be a top content writer. We have picked out some of the useful courses in content writing for you: 


Udemy’s – How To Turn Blogging Into A Career 

This course will help you craft an amazing blog, write top-quality articles, attract a large audience, collect emails and teach you income strategies. 


Both entry-level, inexperienced writers and experienced blog owners can take this course to take their writing to the next level. 


There are no specific requirements for writers to enroll in this content writing course.


Udemy’s – Your Realistic Guide to Freelance Blogging 

Writers with fluent English can enroll in this course and learn how to land a successful freelance content writing job.


If you are an entry-level, inexperienced writer, this course will teach you how to find and pitch to your first clients and calculate your rates according to industry standards.


During this course, you will also learn specialized skills which would help you land better clients in the future. It would also help you discover your most efficient writing process and teach you how to avoid freelance content writing scams.


Skillshare’s – Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without Being Cheesy 

In this course, you will learn how to write headings and subheadings, know what your target audience wants, learn how to have competitive advantages over other copywriters, and learn how the difference between content writing and copywriting.  


This course will help you turn your boring, stale copy into an engaging, high-quality one. In short, you will be taught everything there is to know about copywriting.


ECT’s – Content Writing Course with an in-built Internship Opportunity

This content writing course from ECT (recognized by the Government of India) will broaden and improve your vocabulary, teach you essential grammar rules, teach you fiction and non-fiction writing, conduct basic business and technical writing sessions and teach you how to monetize your content. 


ECT’s – Technical Writing Course + [HTML + CSS + JavaScript]

With this course from ECT (recognized by the Government of India), you will get an insight into what technical writing is. You would also learn about information architecture and markdown language. 


This course will also explain what JavaScript Object Notation is and teach the fundamentals of Darwin Information Typing Architecture. 


Other than these, this course will have sessions on Technical Authoring Tool – Adobe FrameMaker and Agile Documentation Strategy. 



By following the tips and suggestions mentioned in this blog, you can prepare and begin your journey as a content writer. Build a blog, form a network on social media, join writer groups, look for internships, and enroll in content writing courses that interest you and enhance your expertise and skills.


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