Jobs where you can Write all day




You heard us. Below are a few writing jobs that pay you, while allowing you to whack away at your computer!


1. Greeting Card Writer

The words in greeting cards don’t just come out of thin air, you know! As a greeting card writer, you will have to write poetic and meaningful words that everyone can relate to, so they go ‘Yes! That’s exactly what I want to say to her!’ and buy that card.


2. Novelist

Writing and publishing a novel is every writer’s dream job, so this job is obviously included in the list. However, your work has to be exceptionally good and appeal to mass audiences if it has to succeed. Writing alone in your room may not teach you how to do that, but sometimes, you get lucky!


3. Copywriter

With the advertising industry booming the way it is, there is a high demand for copywriters. This is a very specialized kind of writing that involves selling products through your words. You need to be extremely creative and quirky with your pen in order to succeed here.


4. Screenwriter

Screenplay writing requires a little bit of practice, because it is done in a format that might seem alien to you at first. You can use software like Final Draft to get the format in place. Your words will have to be as descriptive as possible, because screenplays involve writing for showing.


5. Songwriter

If you can write rhythmic words and still maintain meaning, then you could take up songwriting! Remember that the melody of the song will be designed by the artist or the sound designer.


6. Creative Writing Teacher

Unlike most fields, writing is not one which follows the ‘If you can’t do it, teach!’ principle. You need to be a great writer to be able to teach others to tap into their creativity. Teaching might also give you new ideas for your own work!


7. Ghostwriter

Before you get too cynical and move on to the next paragraph, consider this: unless you have any credibility in the publishing industry, your words will never go to print. Ghostwriting can be a way for you to break into the industry and also gain the experience you need for your own work.


8. Travel Writer

It is difficult to build fictional worlds and believable characters, but even more difficult to stick to reality. Travel writing is a challenging and exciting field that you could invest your time into. With travel writing, you will need to bring exotic places in front of your reader’s eyes. Plus, you get to see the world without spending on travel!


9. Journalist

Journalism is a form of writing, even if it follows the rigid ‘5 Ws and an H’ form. You will have to learn how to take interviews, find leads and some report writing, though!


10. Playwright

Take a newspaper and find out how many plays are running in town. Those plays could have been yours!


11. Video Game Writer

Video games normally have great plot lines and characters. Video game writing involves creating characters, formulating story lines and writing dialogues with stories. The fun part about this is that you will have to create multiple parallels to your story depending on the path the gamer takes.


12. Article Writer

Article writers write content for newspapers, academic work and web. The theme of the articles depend on the demand of your client. These will need to be submitted on a weekly basis.


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