While writing for a company or website, it is expected that the writer’s words are in sync, free-flowing, and most importantly, error-free. While you might have thoroughly checked your write-up, there are fair chances of overlooking a few things that can spoil otherwise a great piece of writing.


A study found that 42.5% of users would not consider buying goods or services if they found any typos in the ads. To err may be human, but taking help from the right resources to overcome the error, makes one a smart human.


However, thanks to the latest online tools for writers available, checking your blog posts or articles for grammar, clarity, and overall improvement has never been easier. When grammar gets confusing, use any of these ten effective grammar tools:


1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best online tools for writers to check their work. It acts as an automated proofreader and professional grammar trainer by scanning your whole write-up. This software can easily fix spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and other punctuation mistakes. 


It also enables you to set details for content, such as writing goals (or aim of your content) that covers the target audience, intent, style, etc. to get insights based on the set goals. Additionally, the premium version can help you with vocabulary enhancement and plagiarism checks.


2. Ginger Software

One of the popular tools to check grammar is Ginger. It helps you to rectify various contextual spelling mistakes, typos, misused words, and punctuation mistakes. Powered by AI, its features such as “sentence rephraser” assists in rephrasing poorly constructed sentences to ensure an error-free content. 


The program also boosts your writing productivity in addition to basic grammar and spell checking, by enabling quick access to complementary writing tools such as definitions, word predictions, translation in 40 languages and a text reader. You can download the software or use its online version. 


3. Reverso

Reverso is also an AI-driven program that not only helps with spell-check, but also with translation, while offering language learning tools and online dictionaries. With a huge database of real-life examples and a powerful linguistic search, Reverso is one of the most effective language tools to check grammar.


Also, it enables language check functionalities such as check on verbs, nouns, adverbs, sentence formation etc. Its premium version offers more features to the users.


4. WhiteSmoke

It is a power-packed tool for detecting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style inconsistencies. Besides that, WhiteSmoke also guides with extensive writing tutorials. Error explanations and text enrichment are some great features added to this tool.


The tool also has built-in templates, while enabling translations for more than 50 languages. It uses colour coding for highlighting errors: spelling errors are shown in red, grammatical errors are shown in green, while punctuation/style errors are highlighted in blue.


5. OnlineCorrection.com

For a blanket check, Online Correction is an apt choice amongst other online tools for writers. It enables quick proofreading and editing. It has a simple and user-friendly interface that highlights the errors in different colour codes. The errors in spelling, grammar, and even spacing are detected accurately by the software. 


The spelling errors are marked in red, and grammar suggestions are marked in green. If you only require basic proofing, then this is the tool for you.


6. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor aims to help the writer to adapt a cleaner writing style, rather than focusing on proper punctuation, grammar and sentence formation. It highlights errors such as difficult sentences or words and passive voice via colour coding and also displays readability grade level. 


Additionally, it enables convenient importing and exporting of content to Microsoft Word and other word processing programs. If you aim to achieve clutter-free writing, then this is the tool for you.


7. PaperRater

PaperRater is another online grammar checking software that is driven by AI and data science and does grammar check, proofreading along with plagiarism check simultaneously. You receive feedback on not only grammar, punctuations, spelling errors, and writing style, but also receive writing tips to enhance your writing skills.


Moreover, the AI-powered software’s auto-generated scoring mechanism can help you keep a tab on your progress. 


8. SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus analyses text to detect various that includes issues of punctuation, spelling errors, spacing, homophones, and numerous other grammatical errors. Besides, it also identifies common errors made by users whose first language is not English. 


All one needs to do is copy and paste their text or type text into the main window of SpellCheckPlus. Then clicking the “Check Text” option would reveal the flagged errors. Users can also check a detailed summary of their errors and their grammar score displayed below on the screen.


9. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid provides an in-depth assistance that goes beyond grammar check or proofreading since it looks out for repetition or redundancies, complex sentences, lengthy sentences, passive voice, overly complicated sentences, excessive use of adverbs and other issues that arise while writing content that can affect the lucidity, accuracy and legibility of a document.


10. Writer.com

Writer is a free online tool to check your grammar and spelling, improve the usage of words, punctuations, etc. It’s AI assisted tool helps detect errors, from the silliest ones to professional ones,  assists you to write a fine piece.


It also suggests word choice and terminology, keeping in mind your target audience. It has a Google Chrome extension, works on Google Docs and Microsoft Word as well. The writing style recommendation, along with in-depth checking of the write-up makes your content error-free and optimized.


11. Zoho Writer

If you are looking for a free grammar, spelling, and style checker, Zoho Writer is the place for you. Write there directly or copy-paste your content for a thorough proofreading and checking process. It gives suggestions for wordy phrases, improper word choices, rephrasing sentences, etc. It uses its AI-based tool to scan for grammatical mistakes and make suggestions based on the context of your writing. 


From checking homophones to subject-verb agreement, redundancy, to punctuations, this platform covers it all. It uses the Flesch-Kinkaid index to determine the readability index of your content. It gives suggestions on run-on sentences, polysyllabic words, average sentence length, among others. 


12. Becorrect

Becorrect checks your English content for grammar and readability and acts like a personal writing assistant. It helps in reconstructing sentences, replacing words with more apt meanings, and changing the tone of your writing.


Its AI and ML-assisted tools assist you in writing flawless English. It even has templates ready for you to edit as per your requirements. Its privacy policy regarding your content and web browsing history makes it one of the best tools for writers.


So, while the process of writing blog posts and articles may be a complex one, double-checking your writing is fun and easy when these tools are there to support you. Keep an eye out for updates as well as the latest software since the new ones are released quite regularly which can further help make proofreading a breeze.


At LexiConn, we ensure to use these proofreading and editing apps as part of our writing process. To build a flexible and rewarding career in content writing, join us as a freelance content writer.