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Fiction Novelist

Editing Services For An Established Author

Printing and Publishing

E-commerce Company

Cataloging Services for E-commerce Company


Health Services

Cataloging Services for Fitness and Wellness Services

Printing and Publishing

Consulting And Training Organization

Ghostwriting For The Consulting And Training Organization

Printing and Publishing

Family Restaurant Chain

Cataloging services for the family restaurant

Travel & Hospitality

Heritage Hotel

Direct Marketing for the Heritage Hotel in Jaipur

Travel & Hospitality

Camping for Children

Cataloging Services for Camping and Outdoors for Children

Travel & Hospitality

Food Equipment Supplier

Direct Marketing for the catering and hospitality services

Travel & Hospitality

Online Catering Service

Direct Marketing for the catering and mess contractor

Travel & Hospitality

Wholesale Food Supplier

Web Content for the wholesaler of grains and provisions

Travel & Hospitality

Respected Organization with Varied Activities

Content for Brochures, Flyers and Annual Report for the NGO


Helping in Education

Annual Report 2009-10 for the NGO