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Monthly CRM E-Newsletter for the #1 Cement Manufacturer in India 

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The client is the biggest cement manufacturing company in India. In order to manage their sales across the country, the company operates through complex sales channels - trade and non-trade.

The Need

Recently, the company launched an organization-wide CRM initiative that warranted a major change for the sales and marketing teams. From a paper and pen based sales model, they moved onto a much more sophisticated and advanced CRM module, based on cloud computing.

In order to document the progress across its various phases of implementation, the organization decided to publish a monthly e-newsletter. The periodical would carry a management summary, the various training initiatives, usage and adoption matrices and contributions for sharing CRM experiences and best practices.

The Challenge

The client required a content writing agency, that could not only edit and proofread stories, but also understand the business level (channel sales and cement marketing) terminologies used.

An operational challenge - Since the raw content and photographs were contributed by CRM users and project managers across the country, there was minimal uniformity. Content was shared in the form of PPTs, photo albums, write-ups, internal reports and training feedback sheets. The task was to compile, edit for length, language, flow and substance!

Data Security - The information shared by the client was internal, proprietary and confidential. It required utmost secrecy and data security at our end.


Thanks to a longstanding relationship with the client, LexiConn was called upon to offer an end-to-end newsletter creation service. Our team developed a concept for the newsletter including the size, masthead, layout, frequency, nature of content, story sections, and other elements.

Owing to the immense activity happening across the organization on the CRM front, it was decided to publish an A4 size, 8 to 16 page newsletter on a monthly basis.

We collated a wide array of raw data and converted it into news and event updates. The content was thoroughly edited and proofread, maintaining a consistent tone and style that suited the diverse background of the readers.


The client was pleased with LexiConn's comprehensive newsletter designing and writing service. They could supply sensitive information with the confidence that it would be handled professionally. The client could roll out the newsletter well on time, and remain assured of the quality and accuracy of the content.

Impressed with LexiConn's services, they have entrusted us with a significant portion of their communication requirements including brochures, event handbooks, product catalogues, training presentations and marketing newsletters!

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