Helming one of India's leading content agency is no easy task, but someone's got to do it Read about our director Khamir Purohit's journey in the world of conte

Content Tip 266: Repurpose old content to cater to a wider audience Lengthy blogs and articles can be presented as infographics, podcasts, videos and more

Content Tip 241: Look for different touchpoints to connect with potential customers However, ensure that they receive the same experience and warmth across all

Content Tip 240: Let your customers know you care A simple email thanking them for expressing interest in your business can work wonders!

Content Tip 238: Search engines prefer to direct traffic towards authentic and fresh content Never resort to black hat SEO practices to get web traffic It does

Content Tip 237: When writing for selling, give customers a reason to buy Link every feature you describe, with a benefit, instead of resorting to empty superla

#Content Tip 235: Easy-to-read content is not easy to create! Start by creating a mind-map to outline your ideas This allows you to distribute your words evenly

Content Tip 123: Create a content calendar to coincide with important days, events, occasions, and festivals Everybody likes such topical content 365 #ContentMa

Content Tip 119: Writing compelling sales communication is more than just big flowery words It needs a deep understanding of customer pain points and of course,

Content Tip 118: When was the last time you sent out a postcard to a client A simple, old-fashioned, hand written, postcard If you want to stand apart, try it Y

Content Tip 116: Online readers are fidgety and customers are fickle The only way to make them click on your link and land on your page is to provide them somet

Content Tip 61: When planning your content strategy, always go for quality over quantity Even if you post 1 blog a week, do it well If you can say something in