Contrary to popular belief, writing is not everybody’s cup of tea Beginners are expected to fumble a little when venturing into the vast domain of content wri

Content Tip 128: Every customer touchpoint is a potential source of valuable content Keep your ears to the ground and you will get insightful stories about your

Content Tip 127: Talk to your clients, send surveys, seek feedback Identify the pre-, during, or post-sales challenges that they face Create content for frequen

Content Tip 126: Put down your buyer journey Identify bottlenecks and then develop specific content strategies to address these challenges 365 #ContentMarketi

Content Tip 125: Leverage topical ideas for creating content calendars Issues of interest at the present time stand a higher chance of being read and shared 365

Content Tip 124: Use LinkedIn for your B2B initiatives Start with a Company Page which helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand, and job opport

Content Tip 113: When writing web copy, try to answer these questions: What is the product/service we are talking about How to choose the right kind of product/

Content Tip 110: Participate in B2B forums on LinkedIn, Quora and other relevant platforms for your business Answer questions about your domain and educate your

Content Tip 109: Go for a mobile app if you need to present transactional content and on-the-go functionalities For dynamic and static content, a responsive w

Content Tip 108: The success of social media, reality shows, sitcoms, and family dramas has proven that ’emotional investment’ is a great idea to connect wi

Content Tip 107: If you want your audience to retain what they read, your writing should help them Repeat it, Summarize it, and even Challenge it This is what w

Content Tip 106: Subscribe to podcasts related to your area of interest and expertise It breaks the clutter and often works better than written content Podcasts