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We value Depth in Knowledge and Dependability in Character!

LexiConn welcomes professionals having strong research skills, subject matter expertise, editorial excellence, and an ability to work independently.


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Grow with us, as a Content ‘Creator’

We yearn to add value. Even to the World Wide Web. That is why we create rather than collate content.

Projects at LexiConn are meaningful, strategic, and in-depth. Our process is transparent, and their outcomes are measurable. Whether we are writing a white paper or a technical case study, an authored op-ed or a tweet, we aim to facilitate a business impact and drive engagement.

Why Freelance at LexiConn

We’ve been in the content space long enough to know what our partners (and our clients) really want. Our processes and platforms prove it.

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Robust Onboarding

A smooth and transparent onboarding process helps us access your skills and identify relevant opportunities for you.

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AI-Based Matching*

A proprietary algorithm that helps Project Managers zero-in on the best writers for a specific client brief.


Challenging Projects

A wide range of content projects that test you across business domains, formats, and platforms.

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An opportunity to work with our in-house teams on pilot projects, initiatives, and new content ideas.


Training and QA

Regular inputs and feedback from in-house quality assurance and editing teams to help you grow.


Reviews and Ratings

Detailed inputs, observations, and ratings for key projects and deliverables to help you track your progress.


No Bidding

LexiConn truly values its partners and does not believe in bidding. We pay a fixed (and fair) fee per project.


Payments, a Priority

You get paid on time, every time. Our system tracks your projects and promptly disburses each month.


Support Desk

Though you are not working in-house, you are very much a part of LexiConn, and we are just a ping away.

Come, explore and learn while you earn.

LexiConn is on a mission to change lives and create livelihoods, one writing opportunity at a time.

If that sounds good,

we’d love to hear from you.