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Video Descriptors

Be Found, with Video Descriptors

Video descriptors play a vital role in content discovery. Hundreds of data points and metadata like categories and tags, combine to make personalized suggestions a breeze.

With video descriptors, viewer satisfaction soars, as recommended content matches their taste. Engagement skyrockets with never-ending captivating content. Retention rates increase when users experience the magic of content discovery.

With the right blend of AI tools and human expertise, content agencies offer the ultimate solution, striking the perfect balance between speed and quality. With video descriptors, your platform becomes a viewer's paradise, offering satisfaction, engagement, and retention like never before.

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AI for Video Descriptors

Machine learning models are algorithms that can learn patterns and associations from data. In the context of video descriptor extraction, machine learning models are trained on labeled datasets, where each video is associated with specific descriptors such as categories or tags.

These models include Classification Models (to classify videos as "comedy," "action," "drama," etc.) and Tagging Models(to automatically describe objects, scenes, or actions in the video.)

NLP techniques are used to process and analyze natural language text, which includes video titles, descriptions, and comments. In the context of video descriptor extraction, NLP can help identify relevant keywords and metadata associated with the video.

Common NLP techniques used for video content analysis are Tokenization, Named Entity Recognition (NER), and Sentiment Analysis.

Computer vision techniques are employed to analyze the visual content of videos, primarily focusing on individual frames. These techniques extract low-level visual features that characterize the video content.

Some common computer vision techniques used for video descriptor extraction are Color Histograms, Texture Descriptors, and Motion Vectors. CV algorithms extract visual features, useful for descriptors for content discovery and recommendation.

Video Analysis APIs are provided by certain companies and platforms to offer developers access to pre-built video analysis capabilities. These APIs simplify the integration of video descriptor extraction into applications.

Some of the features offered by these APIs include Object Recognition, Scene Detection, Sentiment Analysis, and Keyframe Extraction. APIs help developers leverage sophisticated video analysis tools without having to implement them from scratch.

Open-source computer vision and natural language processing libraries are freely available software resources that developers can use to build custom video descriptor extraction pipelines.

Some widely used libraries include OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library) and NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit). Developers utilize these libraries and customize their video descriptor extraction workflows.
Video Descriptors
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If you are a video content creator, a TV channel, or a streaming company we know the challenges you face in getting your content discovered. Catching the audience's attention and gaining traction can be quite the uphill battle.

This is where we come in. LexiConn's has helped India's leading OTT platform develop metadata for over 65000 episodes, reduce their time to market, and achieve exponential growth.

So, if you're looking to give your content the spotlight it deserves, LexiConn has the answer.

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