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Come. Let’s Grow!

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A chance to work on strategic projects across domains, brands, and geographies.



Ample opportunities to grow – across functions, departments, domains, and roles.



People policies that spell ‘flexibility’ and ‘balance.’ 5-day weeks are a standard!


Who Read!

Bond with colleagues over books and authors, grammar and style, rhyme and meter.

Real subject matter expertise, or nothing


Writers who know their stuff

Our writers bring academic or real-world experience. We use Google only to fortify, support, and substantiate.


Content Creators, not Collators

With real knowledge, comes real responsibility - to create original content and to make the Internet richer!


A Conscious Organization that Outperforms

We are inspired by a “conscious culture,” which leads us to create policies and processes based on trust and empowerment. We continuously learn, ideate, and innovate so that we go beyond the brief and exceed expectations.

500 +
Satisfied Clients
5000 +
Successful Projects
Years of Experience

The place to make reading and writing a professional career

Content is all around us. Content is indispensable. Content is progressive. At LexiConn, we are excited about the future of content and welcome professionals willing to grow with us.

Challenging Projects

Easy reading is damn hard writing. Out here, we’re creating business-relevant, researched, and targeted content.

Personal Development

A renewed focus on technical skill enhancement and digital tools with mandatory L&D programs for all.


Stability and Growth

Clearly laid out growth and career transition paths with allied mentoring, training, and development initiatives.

You Make a Difference

Here, merit is everything. Every team member is empowered and encouraged to share and to lead.

Working Together Works

LexiConn has multiple ways to grow and engage. Pick a format based on the flexibility and predictability you need, and volume of work you are comfortable with.


Full-Time Roles

Join us and work on strategic and client-facing roles to help build the business - across editorial and business functions.


Contractual Opportunities

Experience the flexibility of a freelance role, with an assurance about the minimum amount of work and income each month.


Freelance Engagements

Put your professional abilities and experience to great use and make the most of your free time with our flexible gigs.

A place to grow, to learn, and to make friends.

LexiConn has been many things to many people. An opportunity of a lifetime, a dream career, and even a place to find love (for books)!

Roles Across Departments and Seniority

Content careers are fascinating. From traditional roles in marketing and ghost-writing to futuristic ones like copywriting for chatbots and smart speakers, roles can be diverse, distinct, and challenging.


For those who believe in the Transformative Power of Content

Today, content is the new form of advertising, and every company is a publishing company. Hence, a marketer’s role is to help build content assets and properties.

Roles in content marketing involve building content-led marketing solutions for achieving business goals.

Ideal for those with an MBA or digital marketing experience.


Love to Plan, Build, and Deploy Content Processes?

This is the heart of our system. Our friends in this department use cool tools and platforms to help with planning, scheduling, and workflow management.

Content operations need data analysis and management, and involves identifying the right resources for a task.

Ideal for Ops. MBAs or those with hands-on experience.


The stuff that brings us all together... day after day!

This is where all the magic happens. Content writers, expert editors, seasoned trainers, and all the other wonderful people who read and write, make up this team!

Teams are structured as per content domains, formats, subject matter expertise, and academic experience.

Ideal for professionals (business) content creators.


With more power (and scale) comes more responsibility.

The QA team comprises some serious and senior folk who make us all look good. They keep us on our toes by sharing feedback, editorial inputs, and SME insights.

The QA team focuses on ToV, fact-checking, grammar and punctuation, typographical errors, and business terminology.

Editorial experience in digital B2B content helps.

our team

From the Director's Desk

I started LexiConn with a lot of passion and zero professional writing experience. I soon realized that sustainable and profitable growth warrants conscious efforts, clarity of goals, and a vision to deliver inclusive growth.

That is why, at LexiConn, we harness our ideas and talents to produce customized and quality content at scale.

I welcome you to join us on this journey of self-discovery.


Like it Here?

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