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Give your content the push it deserves with our Content Distribution services. Trust the experts in content to drive content discovery for your brand.
Content Distribution Services

Create and Distribute Native Content

Creating content isn’t enough – you also need to distribute it effectively to reach your target audience.

Crisp and Compelling Web Content

Reach Your Niche

Build credibility and drive business outcomes by reaching relevant audiences at scale.

SEO-Focused Web Content

Content Experts

We help you create content that matches the editorial style of any publication and blends seamlessly.

Research-Based Web Content

Right Channels

Amplify your brand’s reach with carefully chosen owned, earned, and paid channels.

Buyer Journey Based Web Content

Metrics Matter

With paid content distribution, you can measure how your efforts are impacting the bottom line.

Tell your Brand Story with Sponsored Content

Reach new audiences, drive engagement, and increase revenue by connecting to LexiConn’s network of publications.

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Channel Partners
Sponsored Content for Content Distribution
Web Content for Every business

Engage your Brand Message with the Power of Influencer Marketing

With access to a domain-specific influencer network, you can reach the relevant audience with engaging content campaigns.

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Social Media Platforms

Our Offerings

Content Distribution for B2B & B2C audience

  • Dedicated expert with access to the inventory of over 10,000+ publishers
  • Premium tools used in the identification of the best platforms, publishers, and formats
  • Liaising with publishers
  • Getting content posted (Online and Offline)
  • Data distribution on owned platforms
  • Social media distribution
Web Content Writing for B2B

Websites Need Awesome Copywriting

Great websites hook the reader’s attention with persuasive and interactive copy that is crisp and in-sync with the page design.

Our Content Distribution Services

Reach relevant audiences online and offline to drive awareness, engagement, leads, and sales.


Permanent Sponsored Content

Placing a sponsored post that looks to be a natural fit for a platform rather than an unwelcome advertisement.


Data Distribution on Owned Platforms

Data cleansing, formatting, and publishing to owned/paid/earned platforms in accordance with the guidelines.


Social Media Content Distribution

Collaborate with relevant social media influencers across multiple platforms to effectively raise brand awareness.

start here

Where to Start

Your company profile is the best place to start. Gradually, add FAQs, blogs, articles, short videos, DIYs, and guides.


Getting SEO Right

Leverage Google search engine's power by adding web content that is optimized for attracting organic traffic.


What is “Good Content”

Content that weaves engaging (and useful) stories and narratives around your brand, your processes, or your people.

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Winning at Sales

Win leads and referrals by creating content that addresses FAQs and blindspots across the buyer's journey.


What to Say and How

Be honest. Give unbiased opinions and advice, even if it doesn't lead to a sale. Focus only on the customer.


Building Advocacy

Use relevant content across touchpoints to develop a sense of loyalty and turn buyers into brand advocates.

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Content Wins, Distribution Amplifies

The Right Content to the Right Audience, at the Right Time.

Each channel is unique, with its own strategies & deliverables. Find the right platform to maximize exposure while remaining true to your voice.

Content Distribution Blog

Let good content travel. Content Distribution is at the heart of what we do. Read out to understand more.

Content Distribution FAQ

By content distribution, we at LexiConn, mean promoting content in multiple formats and various channels to target audiences. You can boost your brand awareness, collect loyal followers, and encourage your readers to click, act, and become customers by utilizing this strategy.

Content Types in Content Distribution could be case studies, social media posts, research papers, blog posts, webinars, etc. Content Formats include video, audio, long-form text, etc.

We recommend potential publishers and influencers based on your target demographic and content auditing report to ensure that your brand’s message receives the attention it deserves.

Yes, we have in-house content experts to help you with content creation. We can also provide editorial content services. You can get your content edited, rephrased, and rewritten as per your target audience, types, and format

Content distribution contributes to the “link building” process. SEO professionals are using content distribution strategies to experience wild success in the SERPs.

Content marketing can be measured in many ways. The conversion rate indicates how many visitors become customers after visiting your site. Our content should reach the right people if our strategy generates high-quality leads.


Whenever we publish social media content, we track metrics like impressions, social reach, and activity.

Distribution of content is a strategic process for us. In order to meet your audience where they are, we research their preferred platforms.


Content they want to read is published in a place they desire and in a format that they desire. So, rather than overwhelming large audiences with content, we target specific moments in the customer’s lifecycle. To guide customers through the sales funnel towards conversion, we distribute useful and relevant content at each milestone. Researching and distributing your content efficiently helps save you money.

We are a Content marketing company with expertise in a variety of content formats and distribution methods. Each piece of content we produce meets the most stringent industry standards. Distributing our content increases its impact.


Using the right resources, we will work closely with you to determine your content needs and goals. Research and data are the keys to our content distribution services. You can then ensure that your content is viewed by those who are likely to respond to your messages and who will have an impact on your business.

Content marketing distribution channels like search engines are crucial. Using keywords and search terms relevant to your industry will help you rank higher in search engines. By using SEO strategies, you ensure that your content doesn’t get lost in the online void, but is easily found and reached by the right consumers.


By building distribution strategies that take advantage of the online environment, we can ensure the success of your content.

Whether it’s streamlining internal processes or automating them, companies are more innovative than ever. Getting your content to your intended audience is the challenge. To ensure the best performance, engagement, and content discovery we combine paid and unpaid techniques.


Press releases, newsletters, social media posts, and others – we analyze the potential value of different distribution tools and distribute your content there where it is most likely to succeed. By distributing marketing content across the right platforms, the company can increase retention rates by reaching the right audience.