How does a content consulting agency help?
Outsourcing content strategy and consulting can bring you dependability, uniformity, and speed. LexiConn helps create digital content strategies for various applications and platforms such as websites, apps, books, comics, videos, social media, and more.

I am interested in getting a content audit and content consulting. How can we take things ahead?
Feel free to contact us with your requirements. Our Content Consultants will respond within 24 working hours to set up a discovery call.

How is LexiConn different from business consulting companies?
Unlike business consultants, LexiConn specializes in content consulting. We offer a range of content-focussed services such as content audit, content strategy, content planning, etc., we may or may not deliver business the content ourselves.

I already have my advertising/ web/ digital agency, how is LexiConn different?
LexiConn can drive your existing agencies and in-house content teams to provide the necessary content support, creating a symbiotic relationship.

We already have a functional website. I am not happy with the content. How can LexiConn help?
LexiConn can perform a content audit and provide recommendations for improvement. If there are grammatical or contextual errors, our experts can evaluate and offer suggestions for enhancement.

What are the Engagement Models for Content Writing projects?
We offer three engagement models: Project Basis, Fixed Fee Retainers, and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE).

What are the fees based on?
Content consulting fees are based on factors like complexity, availability of subject matter experts, scope, and nature of work.

What kind of support will your team need from me?
We'll understand your business through a questionnaire and discussion. Keeping us informed about upcoming events, exhibitions, and product launches will allow us to plan content development and promotions.

What kind of synergy will your team have with our marketing plans?
Monthly calls for discussing marketing initiatives, opportunities, events, and feedback ensure alignment.

How many of your team members will be working on my content?
Depending on the scope, a team of 2 to 6 content professionals and account planners with various skills will work on your account.

Can your content expert or your writer visit us for a meeting?
While we'd love to meet, our content offerings prioritize affordability and value, so client visits aren't factored in.

What kind of paperwork will we get into?
You'll receive an SLA and NDA, along with details about signatories and billing.

What are the copyright issues? Who owns the rights over the content LexiConn develops?
After concluding the project, copyright lies with you. We also enter into an NDA to protect your interests.

We are a designing/ advertising/ web development company and want to outsource content requirements to LexiConn. How does that work?
We welcome partnerships, and direct access to clients is requested for content planning. We support content while you manage the show.

What if I am not satisfied with the content I receive?
Initial drafts may need revisions. Specific feedback can lead to free re-drafts or a different writer.

What if I have not used the content you have written?
Custom-made content isn't refundable, as it's tailored to your brand. Careful planning is recommended.

Will the content consultants and writers at LexiConn have domain expertise for my business?
LexiConn is a team of business majors and content writing experts. We first understand your business and its requirements by talking to your team, sending questionnaires, referring to existing content, and developing a style guide. If a project demands, we engage external domain experts and SMEs.

Where is LexiConn based? I want to visit you for a brief and to meet the team.
Answer: Post the pandemic, we are a largely remote organization. Our full-time team members are spread across India. However if you are in Mumbai, it is a pleasure to meet face to face. We have our offices in Andheri and Parle. Please drop a line!

How is LexiConn different from Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer.com?
Woah! Apples and pineapples. We are a content consulting company. Which means that the members on the content team are our employees. We only outsource for getting SME insights. More importantly, our focus is content consulting. We do not always execute the content strategy we draw up.

Tell me more about LexiConn!
LexiConn is a leading content consulting, auditing, and writing agency in India. We cater to clients across domains and geographies to help them develop content for various business applications. Visit us at www.lexiconn.in
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