Content Tip 31: This Hindu New Year, resolve to do things differently Move away from the “push” approach to a “pull” strategy for acquiring customers St

Content Tip 30: Atithi Devo Bhava is Sanskrit for ‘The guest is equivalent to God’ Just like on this day of Lakshmi (Goddess of wealth) Pujan, we decorate o

Content Tip 29: Blogs and articles with visual elements look great on social media posts The images automatically show up when you post the link on social media

Content Tip 28: Include visual elements like images, videos and info-graphics in your blogs These help break the text, ease reading, increase engagement and mak

Content Tip 27: What is an ideal blog length There is no exact number, but up to 500 words works best Try bulleted lists (up to 10 sub-points) for longer opinio

Content Tip 26: Some of the smarter content types are: interviews with key influencers, testimonials from satisfied customers, blogs contributed by SMEs, expert

Content Tip 25: Most content marketeers face challenges with replenishing their content pipelines Do not worry, finding a continual supply of quality content

Content Tip 24: Customer feedback is precious Use survey tools to gain insights about how well you are meeting their requirements and to identify areas for impr

Content Tip 23: Interview your clients and create podcasts or video blogs Prepare questions and rehearse if you must Use simple microphones and smartphone camer

Content Tip 22: Podcasts’ are a highly underrated form of branded content They can induce amazing retention and recall metrics when smartly weaved with a bran

Content Tip 21: Creating ‘podcasts’ is like storytelling Content-wise, humour, mystery, emotion, and anything Bollywood-centric always works in India Once

Content Tip 20: Content marketing does not require an English major Use simple, easy-to-understand language which focuses on a common challenge and offers prac