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This is where we tell you something absolutely smart and awesome about ourselves. This is where we put our best foot forward and tell you things that would convince you about our writing prowess.

However, we do not want to boast about our ability to create highly engaging, customized and impactful content, nor do we want to blow our own trumpet about serving 600+ clients across 25+ sectors and 20 countries.

All we want to say is WELCOME!

Web Content Writing
Web Content Writing by LexiConn - IndiaWriting for the online media requires a whole lot of technical skills, a tinge of smartness, a thorough understanding of the subject matter, insights about the changing user behavior, language preferences, traffic and e-marketing objectives, etc. We offer:
Writing for Selling
All the world's a marketplace, And all the men and women merely marketers. They have their products and their services. And LexiConn is one content marketing partner that can play many parts. We offer:
Writing for Telling
There are some things in marketing that you can hard sell, for everything else, you need to inform and engage. LexiConn offers comprehensive content marketing writing services for business communications. We can write:
Writing for Academics
Digital classrooms, interactive teaching methods and experiential learning - every platform requires innovative assessment ideas and comprehensive teaching ideas. LexiConn is adept at content designing and content development for e-learning courseware. We can partner you to create:
Writing for Publications
Just as a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, a literary masterpiece begins with a single word. We assist writers, agents, publications as well as businesses for getting their projects off the block and onto the shelves. Our writers can help you with:
Editing & Proofreading
Experienced language experts at LexiConn bring to you comprehensive editing, language polishing and proofreading services. We can work with you at multiple levels - from basic proofreading to hard edits as well as tech edits. We are adept across subjects. Know more about:
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Free Content Evaluation

Does your website content communicate your message effectively? Does it complement your content marketing strategy and drive organic traffic to your website? Are you sure that your website content is well-crafted and grammatically correct?

Write to us and share your goals. We will review and critically evaluate your web content. FREE!

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    Content Tip 320: A drip email campaign is a good way to let your potential customer know about your brand and establish credibility before marketing your offerings. 365 #ContentMarketing Tips