Content Tip 92: You can create a buzz about a strategic report or an important whitepaper by creating blogs, articles, and opinion polls pertaining to the diffe

Content Tip 91: Creating great content is only the start You need to publish them across popular channels to enhance visibility and discoverability 84% of marke

Content Tip 90: Struggling to create a realistic content calendar Start with your internal stories If you have multiple products or services, sort them as per

Content Tip 89: If you want an ongoing source of traffic, host good quality content on your own website A blog, a forum, podcasts, etc are all good ideas You do

Content Tip 88: It is a good idea to use paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, etc But then, how much hay can you make while the sun shine

Content Tip 87: It is important that your web content writer and your web designer work well together Right from the sitemap stage, both teams need to understan

Content Tip 86: Web content writing and web designing should go parallelly A content writer should always have visibility about the final wireframe and the ap

Content Tip 85: When planning your content calendar, use the 80:20 rule This means 80% of your messages can be syndicated, informational, and client-focused, wh

Content Tip 84: Use Google Analytics to capture data about website visits and user interactions Leverage this data to take meaningful decisions about SEO, keywo

Content Tip 83: Don’t jump the app bandwagon Carefully analyse the needs of your audience Most objectives can be met with a responsive web design alone Also,

Content Tip 82: Visit industry seminars, follow experts, and subscribe to feeds and podcasts about your business domain The more you learn, the better your prod

Content Tip 81: Experiment with various content channels and publishing platforms Eventually, you will identify the one(s) that is (are) best for your business