Have you ever walked into a restaurant and asked for free starters So that you could decide if you wanted to order the main course Or have you ever asked a hair

While writing for a company or website, it is expected that the writer’s words are in sync, free-flowing and most importantly, error free While you might have

Unless you’re someone who has mastered inner peace, you are sure to have your pet peeves You know, those little things that get under your skin and make your

Content Tip 365: If you want success in your marketing, get online and provide the type of information your customers are looking for Solve problems, offer solu

Content Tip 364: A sure-shot way to achieve success with content marketing is demonstrating how you've helped others in their shoes Write case studies, and seek

Content Tip 363: Talk to your audience Share your success stories and achievements You never know who might be searching for the specific assistance/ products/

Contrary to popular belief, writing is not everybody’s cup of tea Beginners are expected to fumble a little when venturing into the vast domain of content wri

Content Tip 362: Get your product (sales and marketing) experts to share success and failure stories Create blogs, articles and podcasts from these stories Use

Content Tip 361: Craft personalised replies to customer queries and feedback rather than relying on automated responses This eliminates the risk of making state

Content Tip 360: Do not fall into the trap of trying to create content for the sole purpose of going viral Focus instead on content that adds value and is helpf

Content Tip 359: A content piece goes through several phases from the ideating and creating to the designing and publishing stages It is important to maintain o

Content Tip 358: An important aspect of a content writer’s role is the ability to do research, sift past irrelevant and outdated information and combine ideas