Content Tip 100: Content Marketing is about marrying your business message with great editorial instincts Being unobtrusive and subtle helps 365 #ContentMarketi

Content Tip 99: These days, pure journalists are rare and few Almost everybody has an agenda “Branded content” is the name of the game 365 #ContentMarketi

Content Tip 98: A lot of content marketing is failing because it is self-centred and promotional Nobody cares for such stories Create stuff for your audience, n

Content Tip 97: If your content project involves multiple collaborators, it is advisable to create a master style guide for everyone to follow Pour into it, y

Content Tip 96: The only truth about Content Marketing in 2017, as in the past, is that quality scores over quantity Invest in great quality content and you wil

Content Tip 95: Hearing about all these “Content Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017” Well, take it with a pinch of salt Frankly, nobody knows what wi

Content Tip 94: Try creating “buyer personas” or the “ideal readers” for your content These are fictional characters having similar characteristics as

Content Tip 93: This new year, acknowledge the importance of content marketing for your business Start by outlining your business goals and creating some soli