For every buyer stage, list down the buyer needs, ideal content types, and the Key Performance Index for the content type Such a table works as a ready-reckon

For your content marketing strategy, divide the audience into stages 1 Discovery, 2 Consideration, and 3 Book/ Buy Plan your content formats accordingly 365 #Co

Content Tip 149: With B2B writing, have an inverted pyramid approach First, acknowledge the challenges that the industry faces, then offer a set of solutions,

ontent Tip 148: As a small business, focus on only a few social media channels, and give it all you’ve got! Quality matters more than quantity And don’t wo

Content Tip 147: When was the last time you logged on to Linkedin or Facebook to “buy something” These are only brand building and publishing platforms Don

Content Tip 146: “Digital Marketing” is not something you can master in a two-day “intensive” workshop It is an approach perfect over time, through tria

Content Tip 145: With B2B content, be Crisp Address these things – What are the objectives What are the goals What are your solutions to achieve these goals B

Content Tip 144: Did you know The attention span of an average online reader is reducing From 12 seconds in 2011, it was down to 8 seconds in 2013 and is reduci

Content Tip 143: Invest in quality content to drive customer engagement, build deeper relationships, and enhance brand awareness There are no shortcuts to succe

Content Tip 142: Forums, Threads, Webinars, and Opinion Polls are great ways to collate User Generated Content You need the right set of questions to trigger va

Content Tip 141: Relying on USG or User Generated Content Well it is a good but passive approach Ideally, create reference content or pegs that users can emul

Content Tip 140: Podcasts allow you to easily target your niche Branded content can easily be pushed through this medium, that enjoys extremely high retention l