Content Tip 312: Content marketing can help customers create a relationship with your brand Factors like brand perception and an increase in brand loyalty deter

Content Tip 311: From videos to infographics, any visual content you offer must be easy to understand without the need for lengthy explanatory text 365 #Content

Content Tip 310: Step into the shoes of your target audience to make sure your content is accessible to them Everything from the language used to the medium of

Content Tip 309: Adapt your content to different mediums, but be aware of factors such as the number of times a user will have to scroll to read your piece on

Content Tip 307: Microsites are offshoots of websites focusing on a single product or service Consider them as a part of your sitemap when you provide a wide r

Content Tip 306: Showcasing a ‘day in the life of’ employees across different levels can help create an interest in your firm This can be done through vide

Content Tip 305: Explore the use of short videos and GIFs for your content marketing strategy They allow you to bring in the creativity of a visual medium, wit