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Email Marketing – Personalized, Targeted, and Measurable

B2B marketing managers know the importance of email marketing. According to the Content Marketing Institute, nine out of ten B2B companies use email engagement as a content performance measure. CMI also shares that email newsletters are the most-used type of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketers.


Flexibility, depth, and personalization makes email marketing a popular form of B2B marketing. It allows marketers to communicate directly, to a well-defined target audience.


Marketing Tip: Like direct marketing (in the years gone by), collect invest in collecting first-hand customer data. Segment your audience on geography, demography, behaviour (usage habits), psychology and media habits.


Explore Email Marketing Ideas

Welcome Emails

A welcome email is your first email to a prospect who has filled up a contact us form on your website or a subscriber to a newsletter. It is a chance to confirm the receipt of their information and an opportunity to build a deeper connection with the potential customer.


Did You Know: On average, a welcome email series drives more revenue than having a single welcome email or none at all. Wordstream found that welcome emails have on average 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate of a standard email marketing campaign!


An introduction email should be used to strengthen your brand’s promise and to address your reader’s key concerns. Offer links to useful resources, like a recent case study or groundbreaking research in the form of a white paper. Demonstrate a good understanding of their needs and build trust.


Email Newsletter

Your subscribers have voluntarily “opted in” into your email marketing database, and they look forward to hearing from you. A newsletter is an excellent method to stay in touch – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly.


Use emails to fulfil your brand’s promise – which is invariably around helping your readers get to what they are looking for. An email newsletter helps you distribute all the awesome content like blogs, articles, podcasts, white papers or case studies sitting on your website.


Product Emailers for B2B Marketing

A product-focused email for a B2B audience must be crisp and concise. It should inform, engage, inquire, and induce action. Consider creating a series of product emails covering the various stages of the client’s journey:



Email Marketing Content Best Practices


email marketing tips
Tips to Create B2B Marketing Emails. Source.

Email is an inexpensive and convenient way to sort, target, customize, and send regular communications to your prospects. However, studies suggest that only 14% of subscribers believe that most of the emails sent to them are relevant.


The true test of an email’s effectiveness is data points like open-rate, clickthrough rates, read depth, and conversions.


Here are some tips to help you writing highly effective emails:


  • Use tactfully written subject lines that can avoid spam filters
  • Including emojis in email subject lines can help increased open rates by 56%, as compared to text-only subject lines
  • A carefully written headline and a short body copy customized for the trigger case
  • A bulleted list of key features and benefits
  • A list of useful resources like contact details, reading materials, downloadables
  • A clear and bold Call To Action
  • An easily visible ‘Unsubscribe’ button (that actually works!)

Content agencies like LexiConn specialize in developing content for B2B email marketing.


Talk to us and share your use cases. Our team can work closely with you to understand your products/ services and chalk out efficient content marketing calendars with a special focus on content distribution using emails.