Perhaps one of the most non-intrusive, useful, and insightful content idea is a newsletter. Be it a printed newsletter or an email-based, all of us receive newsletters. In an era of in-your-face advertising, unapologetic page-wide pop-ups, and mistargeted banner ads, newsletters are a breath of fresh air. They bring more method to the madness and are one of the most trusted and sustained forms of direct marketing.


What Is A Newsletter?

A newsletter is a form of newspaper which carries information about a subject or a central theme, and is developed for a well-defined audience. Newsletters are planned and published regularly and carry stories about events, developments, achievements, research, breakthroughs, best practices, the lighter side of business, and more.




A newsletter is a mouthpiece. In times of controversies and debates, it can be effectively used to state and justify perspectives. The purpose of a newsletter is also to create coherence within a community, like clients, prospects, students, investors, stakeholders, employees, unions, industry bodies, or any interested parties.


Marketing Tip: Most newsletters are free to download and share! Along with blogs, a newsletter is the best mode for Targeted Online Marketing!


Who Needs A Newsletter?

Newsletters are periodicals or sets of stories which are heavy on information. Any entity which regularly generates a significant amount of data (stories) about events and activities can plan a newsletter initiative.


Newsletters Can Interest

  • Multinational Companies
  • Educational Institutes
  • NGOs or a CSR Wing
  • Government Organizations
  • Media Companies
  • Research Institutes
  • Consultants, Experts, Opinion Leaders, Specialists, others

Which Type Of Stories Can A Newsletter Carry?

Based on the type of newsletter one plans to roll out, a newsletter can cover various subjects like:

  • A Wrap of all the Articles and Blogs Published in the Week
  • Business Tips and Best Practices
  • Insights about Corporate Events, Conventions, Seminars
  • Curtain Raisers for New Projects and Initiatives
  • Applauding Accreditation and Accolades Won
  • Updates on Policies and Procedures
  • Key Takeaways from Learning & OD initiatives
  • Reports on Outdoor Activities
  • Employee Success Stories (at work and beyond)


Types Of Newsletters

While deciding the type of newsletter, one needs to evaluate the specific requirements, reading habits of the target audience and the mode of distribution. One of the major influencers should be the availability of content – based on this, the frequency and size of the newsletter can be decided. Other newsletter themes can be:


  • Based on the Nature of Information
    Internal Newsletters or External Newsletters
  • Based on the Mode of Distribution
    Online Newsletters or Offline Newsletters (printed)
  • Based on A Specific Target Audience
    Corporate Newsletter, CSR Newsletter, HR Newsletter, Sports Newsletter, Technology Newsletter, Brand Updates Newsletter, Industry Trends Newsletter, Events Newsletter

Planning A Newsletter

Maintaining and managing a newsletter is far more challenging than initiating one. Timely sourcing of relevant, accurate and thematic content is always a challenge. In addition, since there are several stakeholders contributing stories, maintaining the tone, language and style of writing can be difficult.


Planning a newsletter is a continuous process, involving the following steps:


types of newsletter

Outsourcing Newsletter Writing

Hiring an external agency for writing content and editing stories for your newsletters can be a good idea. This not only brings you peace of mind, but also ensures timely rollout and an all-round perspective. A resourceful newsletter outsourcing partner should be able to work on different topics, maintain coherence, identify trends, and be adept across technical tools required for developing newsletters. Another critical aspect is data security. Ensure that your newsletter vendor is established and reliable. Look for testimonials to gauge their credibility.


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