Review Writing




What Is Review Writing? Who Needs It?

Having an excellent product or service cannot guarantee excellent sales. In order to achieve its true potential, even the best of offerings need to be marketed. However, the traditional modes of marketing are no longer enough because nobody like to be sold to, they like to buy. In the era of easy information, every customer researches online before buying a product or a service.


Industry specific magazines, online review forums, review pages on e-commerce websites, expert opinions and discussion threads are some of the primary sources for accessing independent reviews about almost everything.


In such a scenario, it would do a world of good to get your product or service reviewed for a fee. Professional reviewers can evaluate your merchandise, service or proposition from every angle and create comprehensive reviews highlighting the various differentiating features and key benefits.


In order to assess the product or service objectively, a review writer needs thorough information about the offering and the problem it solves. Readers long for an objective and un-biased opinion about the product on the ‘value: price’ matrix. Only an informative and opinionated review can aid and influence the prospect’s decision.


The Ingredients Of A Review

Chances are that the buyer has already shortlisted a product and is seriously considering buying it. All he needs is a nudge, the final push, a positive affirmation to validate and reaffirm his research. Hence, a review should reinforce the product’s USPs, features, applications, and benefits. It can also be a point to point comparison with competing products and even your own product’s predecessors.


Based on the product category, a review can include content about packaging, design, ease of usage, efficiency, specifications, build quality, handling experience, price, value, and availability. Most automobile, tech, and gadget reviews include explainer videos too.


A Good Product Review

Review writing is a meticulous task. A reviewer is expected to use the product or experience the service first hand so that he can write an honest review. Objectivity and knowledge about the medium and genre is a crucial part of review writing.


E.g. While writing a gadget review, the review writer must be mindful about the updated specifications vis-à-vis the previous versions, key features and benefits, challenger models, other upcoming models, current market dynamics, the price points, buying habits, availability of accessories, compatibility, after sales record, etc.


Steps To Review Writing

  • Experience It

    Be it a restaurant review, a book review, or a movie review, experiencing the real thing is necessary for the reviewer. A hands-on trial allows the reviewer to get a real sense of the offering. It helps note the finer aspects, click images, interview stakeholders, and allows one to add depth to the review.


  • Detail It

    Only the most detailed, and comprehensive reviews help readers decide. Simply listing down the product features or elaborating on the existing product content will not help. You need to dig out the information that is not otherwise available in the public domain.


  • Add Your Perspective

    Readers look up to expert reviewers and value their opinion and judgement. Their experience lends a lot of credibility to the writing. Even if you are not a well-known writer (yet), you should build your own perspective and style to the review. Readers value that. Remember, it is a review, not a thesis.


Share A Final Verdict

The final evaluation should be your recommendation for the product: whether the product delivers what it promises, the overall experience, and if it offers a good value. You can do this on a scale of 1 to 10, or give out stars out of 5, or get innovative.



If content is the king, distribution is the queen. Even the most well-written review will not be noticed unless you give it a digital publishing push. Major auto makers, electronics manufacturers, movie producers, and restaurant chains use popular content publishing platforms to post and publicise content.


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