Web Content Review




Web Content Evaluation

Websites are wonderful tools for business communications. They are one of the most comprehensive platforms for reaching out to your audience, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Your Product, Price, and Place – all can be Promoted through this versatile medium.


To make the most of your online presence, it is necessary to keep your website updated and relevant. While newer SEO ideas and web tools are being developed every day, one needs to carefully analyse the specific upgrades needed for your website.


However, while upgrading the ‘look and feel’, performance and responsiveness on your website, one must closely evaluate the web content to check if it meets the current and future (immediate) goals. Here are a few things to do:


Check Your Web Content Readiness

  • Is your web content still relevant? Does it carry the complete information about your company and its activities?
  • Does your web content describe your products, its specifications, and applications adequately?
  • Does it meet your industry benchmarks?
  • Are your sales teams able to recommend it for its reference value? For example, are they able to refer to your website as a tool to convert prospects into customers?


Search Engine Performance
  • Is your content drawing organic traffic to your website? Is your web content search engine optimized?
  • Are you sure that you are using the right set of keywords for your business and its target audience?
  • Is your website content original? Are you sure that no other website has copied content from your website? Or, is there similar content within your own website?
  • Do all web pages have relevant META content and ALT tags?
  • Is your website submitted to search engines?
  • Are your webpages being indexed by search engines and being analyzed by tools such as Google Analytics?


Language and Substance
  • Are your readers comfortable with the tone, vocabulary, presentation, and readability of the web content?
  • Is the website supporting your content marketing initiatives? Are you educating your consumers adequately?
  • Are your Subject Matter Experts and opinion leaders getting enough exposure though your website?
  • Does your web content effectively communicate your strengths, USP, and guiding statements?
  • Does it position your company accurately?


Our business experts and language experts will pick up key sections from your website and put them to the test. We will critically evaluate them from multiple aspects and benchmark against the best in the industry.


We can also offer suggestions for modifying the sitemap and web functionality to change the way your website interacts with your target audience.


Content Evaluation Includes:

  • Commenting on the originality/uniqueness of the content
  • Pointing-out language inconsistency, typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors
  • Evaluating the use of keywords and META tags
  • Suggesting tips for improving readability and navigation
  • Exploring possibilities for improving content marketing performance
  • Other aspects based on the goals and expectations for your website



Write us to get your web content audited. We might be able to suggest ways to improve your website and its content!