Will The Real Target Audience Please Stand Up?



I repeat, will the real target audience please stand up? There seems to be a clear case of mistaken identity as far as the real target audience online is concerned. Most web content writers or article writers devote their creative energies trying to please search engines and in the bargain, miss out on the real readers, the humans!


Writers these days are fixated with numbers and figures such as ‘keywords counts’, ‘keyword density’, ‘estimated traffic’, etc. Gone are the days when writers used to brainstorm ideas, discuss perspectives and create highly informative and thought-provoking articles.


These days, prospective clients seek “bulk article writers” or “article re-writers”. Fancy terminologies like “rephrasing”, “re-purposing”, “paraphrasing” are doing the rounds. In simpler words, clients want writers to read through or “research” online and re-write the same information in different words. They believe that this way they will be able to fool the search engines into assuming that their content is fresh and authentic. How dumb!


The only possible explanation is that the client probably owns and operates a content guzzling dynamic website that requires hundreds or even thousands of articles each month. All they need is a lot of words (and a lot of keywords) which will keep everyone happy! We find it insulting!


This is because writers are no longer challenged to create a masterpiece; instead, they are being pushed to write 10 articles on the same topic! The reason for this – higher scope for keywords which leads to a higher page rank on search engines. For writers who like to “think” before they write – this is an alarming aberration.