If you lack time and experience, it can be challenging to incorporate content marketing into your business.


Outsourcing content creation can be a great way to delve into content marketing without the work.


The term “outsourcing content creation” refers to hiring a third party to create high-quality content – the information that will be presented online on behalf of a client or company.


You can hire a Content Writing Agency or writers from Content Marketplaces like Semrush Marketplace, Pepper Content, Hive Content, Narrato, etc. 


Providing relevant and engaging content boosts organic traffic to the website and ensures direct contact with the target audience. 


Unless you have time to devote to content creation by yourself, outsourcing content creation is the best way to succeed in this content market.


Outsourcing Content Writing: A Quick Overview

Outsourcing content writing can be a profitable business move.


The best way to scale your content marketing is to outsource it to Content Writing Agencies or writers from Content Marketplaces.


But the challenge is to create a content strategy, find the right writers, and help them with the resources and assistance they need.


Getting it right takes time, effort, and money.


Your content creation project may be ruined if you hire the wrong writer and waste time and money in the process.


It doesn’t need to be like this, though.


The right way to outsource your content is through a professional content writing service or a content marketplace that offers high-quality writers.


Content marketing can be challenging if you’re not used to managing writers on your own.


Before outsourcing your content to a Content Writing Agency or Content Marketplace, let’s look at some points you may want to consider. 


What is Content Marketplace?

A content marketplace matches individuals with writers who can write content for them. These marketplaces eliminate the middleman, allowing you to get the best writing prices directly from the writers.


All companies can use a content marketplace for posting job listings to attract freelancers. In these marketplaces, freelancers can find work in a variety of fields, such as web content writing, blog writing, article writing, product description writing, copywriting services – email copywriting, landing page copy, social media, UX copywriting, and more.


Most content marketplaces require freelancers to bid on a project based on the project and experience of content writers. 


For instance, a client specifies how many blog posts they need along with the deadline. As part of the content package, it includes rates and the level of content they will deliver. There are various pricing options for blog posts and other content types, including per hour, per project, or project.


Examples of content marketplaces include Semrush Marketplace, Hive Content, Narrato, etc.


What is Content Writing Agency?

A content writing agency works closely with Corporates, Digital Agencies & Consulting Companies, Web Developers, Design Agencies, SMEs, and Start-up and marketing agencies on content design, creation, distribution, and management.


An expert team of content strategists, project managers, team leaders, content editors, content writers, quality assurance and creatives develop content focused on identifying the audience’s needs, developing engaging content, and analyzing the brand’s niche and assets to evaluate online performance.


You can trust a content writing agency from concept to completion to ensure your brand’s communications through your content are seamless and aligned with your target audience’s needs.


Working with a content writing agency offering high-quality content writing services is a smart idea. Besides ensuring a solid content marketing strategy, outsourcing content allows you to concentrate on other marketing efforts.


Creating high-quality content is a crucial component of content marketing campaigns. It’s no secret that startup founders, marketing managers, and content managers have a lot on their plates.


49% of organizations outsource at least one part of their content marketing strategy, with large organizations being the most likely to do so.


It’s no surprise that content creation is the most outsourced activity.


Content Creation Outsourcing | Content Marketplaces vs content writing agency

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Here are a few reasons why it makes sense to Outsource your Content Writing:

1. You have too much to do

Your business requires your attention and creating high-quality content can take several hours of research, writing, and editing.


You can outsource all types of content writing, such as blog writing, article writing, product descriptions, email copywriting, landing page copies, chatbot scripts, what’s app content, and many more. 


2. You are not a Writer

Writing is not for everyone. 


While you might have expert knowledge in the field, can you format content so that it is search engine friendly?


3. Your SEO skills aren’t up to date 

Getting Google and other search engines to notice your content online depends on hitting the right SEO metrics.


If you do not optimize your content for your target audience, you are wasting your time and money.


4. Your budget is set

Despite digital marketing’s immense benefits, not all brands have unlimited budgets.


You can easily deliver high-quality content on a budget by outsourcing content creation.


Pros & Cons of Content Marketplace & Content Writing Agency

It revolves around content, whether it’s promoting the brand, product, service, copywriting, or content writing about it. 


Since content marketing has such a wide reach, a high level of professionalism and extensive research would be expected before any content is published online. 


Pros of Using a Content Marketplace

Content marketplaces may be your best choice if you need to complete a project or a single piece of content on a tight deadline.


Packages – You can choose from various content writing packages available on the content market places platforms, based on the writer’s expertise, experience, and education.


Low-budget writers – Content Marketplace has a variety of writers who can meet every budget requirement. 


One-time project – If you need one-time writing assistance, you can find niche writers with expertise and experience.  


Rapid turnaround times – Content marketplace writers work under strict deadlines, allowing them to deliver work quickly.


Cons of Using a Content Marketplace

In addition to their many benefits, content marketplaces also have some significant drawbacks.


Required to Choose a Writer – You don’t have the option of choosing a writer through a content marketplace. They use a structured system to match you with the right writer based on the type of content you need.


No real-time assistance – Your writer cannot receive real-time assistance from you. Upon completion of the editing process, you will receive the final project.


No direct briefing – You do not personally brief your writer. In these marketplaces, content needs and briefings are communicated to writers in written form through a dashboard.


Pros of Choosing Content Writing Agency

As a complete content services provider, content writing agencies provide quality content, adhere to deadlines, and even consult and plan with writers.


Experts Content Writers – Every content writing agency has a team of proficient writers to produce high-quality content.  


Scale Content – By relying on a content writing agency’s expertise and experience they can create quality content on a large scale because of the In-house content team.


Turn arounds – As content writing agencies know how content works and what appeals to target audiences, they turn around content quickly. 


Work as a Team – Content writing agencies work collaboratively with their clients to deliver better results.


Quality Work – Verify the quality of the content you receive when you hire a content writing agency. Their team understands how to juggle keyword research, topic creation, CMS uploads, on-site optimization, and other details to produce quality content.


Cons of Choosing Content Writing Agency

Niche writers – Content Writing Agencies may not have writers who are specialists in your niche. Writing team is limited to specific niches.


In-house content writers – In-house content writers tend to break down their turnaround times as they work on multiple projects at the same time – resolving old issues and starting new projects simultaneously.


Work Balance – The workload of content writers at content writing agencies is often heavy. Even though they are well trained and understand their job, sometimes deadlines affect the quality of their work.


It’s time to make a Decision!

There is no alternative to creating great content. 


Content that is original and high-quality helps boost your SEO, brings more leads to your site, and lets you share your brand’s true voice. 


Although it is possible to create all content in-house, it can be challenging. 


Consider hiring a content writing agency for their content writing services based on these strategies.


When you choose the right content writing agency, they will be able to share your vision and speak your voice, creating content that resonates with your audience and drives ROI for you.


If you’re looking for an agency that’s right for you, LexiConn may be that agency. 


From newly funded startups to Fortune 500 companies, Web Design, and Business Consulting agencies, our team has produced content for them all.


We can help you to excel with our content writing team. We can help you get started right away.