Content creation is one of the most important aspects of a solid content marketing campaign.


A great content marketing strategy relies on great content. Brands can’t engage their target audiences effectively unless they create great content.


Content is no doubt key to brand marketing, but often, marketers have trouble identifying where to get it. 


In the process, we have heard the great debate about who should create content – A Content Writing Agency or A Freelance Content Writer?


Since content has become an all-consuming job, companies look for writers with consistent performance, reliable communication, and a commitment to the brand’s values.


You may be wondering which is better for your brand, a Content Writing Agency or an Independent Content Writer.


Here’s what you need to know to decide:


What is a Freelance Content Writer? 

Freelance content writers work independently as self-employed professionals. 


Finding freelance content writers is easier. You can connect with them via LinkedIn, Twitter, their own website, or freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, etc.


Most often, freelance content writers work for more than one brand or client at a time. As they serve multiple clients, they have more extensive exposure, allowing them to excel in the areas in which they specialize.


To give you a sense of what a Freelance Content Writer does, below is a list of activities they engage in:


– Unlike employees, freelance content writers decide what projects they wish to work on and how long they want to work. As soon as a project is completed, they are paid exclusively.


– Writing relevant content such as articles, blogs, case studies, and ads in accordance with an organization’s guidelines is a major part of freelancers’ jobs.


– The work profile of freelance content writers is generally niche-specific, and they usually work in one or two fields. 


What is Content Writing Agency?

A Content writing agency works with in-house or freelance writers to create high-quality content for your brand. 


These content writing agencies manage and write all types of content, such as articles, web pages, blogs, product descriptions, and more.


You will quickly become overwhelmed if you lack the necessary expertise, resources, and knowledge to manage your content strategy.


The right content writing agency will fill those gaps and help you plan, develop, and execute your content strategy from idea to execution.


Content writing agencies understand all of the components required for content to succeed. Their ability to deliver content consistently and at scale is one of their strongest points.


High-performing content writing requires expertise, which may not be your core business competency.


The content writing service of the right content marketing agency maximizes your content’s performance and generates maximum return on investment (ROI).


Outsource Content Writing Services 

Content writing agencies and freelancers can be expensive and complicated, but they are one of the most effective ways to maximize the return on content marketing efforts without interrupting your core operations.


It’s no secret that content marketing can be highly profitable: The Content Marketing Institute reports that over 80% of brands now hire someone to manage content creation and 30% to handle content distribution.


Content Marketing Outsorucing | Content Writing Agency or Freelance Content Writer

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Let’s consider in more detail why outsourcing content writing makes sense:


1. Focus on what you do best

It takes a lot of time to research, write, and publish content. 


Content outsourcing lets you focus on what matters most to your business while leaving the writing to the pros.


2. Consistent Publishing

Content writing agencies’ sole focus is creating content for their clients. Their writers, SEO researchers, and other support staff work together to produce more consistent content.


3. Cost-effectiveness

Yes, outsourcing often leads to big savings over time. Teams of full-time content creators cost a lot of money. Additional office space, salaries, benefits, and management are often needed.


4. Consistent KPI Reporting 

Generally, content writing agencies will provide you with KPI reports frequently and consistently so you can track your Content Marketing performance and ROI.


5. Deadline Compliance

The content schedule at your agency will always be their top priority, regardless of what other projects pop up internally.


6. Flexible Strategy and Scalability

When you work with a content agency, you get the opportunity to test several types of content (like blogs, email copy, infographics, eLearning content, and more). 


Content Writing Agency vs Freelance Content Writer: 4 Factors to Consider

You can decide whether a content writing agency or freelance content writer is the right option for your brand by considering the following factors:


1. Content Creation Budgets


An agency’s fees always exceed those of hiring a freelancer.


This is because agencies usually have more operating expenses and services than freelance writers alone.



There is more freedom in setting the terms of your freelance agreement, as freelancers usually charge by the length of the content.


2. Time Availability


When you hire a content writing agency, you can ensure that your posts are optimized for search engines (SEO) and that they are published regularly.



Choosing a freelancer for your content creation might be less ideal if you don’t have much free time.


3. Experience and Capacity

Even the best freelance writer or content creation agency might run out of expertise in a certain subject matter at some point.



Content writing agencies are your best bet whenever you need content on various topics.



On the other hand, freelancers have expertise in writing content on specific topics.


4. Quality of Content

An agency’s quality can greatly differ from a freelancer’s quality, making it hard to make a direct comparison.



If you are looking for either a freelance content writer or a content writing agency, it is wise to ask for recommendations before making a decision.



If you’re considering quality, don’t let price override your decision.


If a freelance writer has references and can provide examples of high-quality work, they are usually the best choice. LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media are great places to find them.


Pros & Cons of Hiring Content Writing Agency & Freelance Content Writer

It is now common for content writing services to come in all sizes, from a few staff members to large firms working on multiple projects at once.


To begin, let’s compare the benefits and risks of hiring a content writing agency and someone who works freelance.


Pros of Hiring a Freelance Content Writer

There has been a rapid increase in freelance writers, including website content writers since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out.


Since freelance writers have specific expertise, startups can significantly organize and improve their content marketing efforts using freelance writers.


1. Affordability

Content agencies are much more expensive than hiring freelance writers. In most cases, freelancers charge per project or hourly instead of earning a full-time salary.


2. A Global Talent Pool

There are hundreds, or perhaps even thousands, of freelance website content writers available on freelance platforms around the world.


3. Ability to adapt

You can hire freelancers for web content services at odd hours since freelancers are available around the clock. Their goal is to satisfy their customers, so they respond quickly to inquiries.


4. Niche Expertise

A freelancer tends to specialize in a particular niche. Instead of an agency with jack-of-all-trades writers, you can choose a writer based on your specific niche requirements.


Cons of Hiring a Freelance Content Writer


1. Hiring

Trying to hire freelancers can seem like a time-consuming process since the options are endless.


You’ll need to check their portfolios and previous clients’ feedback to hire the right resource for your project.


2. Resources

A freelancer usually operates on a shoestring budget, exclusively investing in tools and software relevant to their specific niche.


3. Scalability

Most freelance content writers work independently. When it comes to delivering big projects, it is often difficult to handle by just one person. Usually, this results in missed deadlines for projects.


4. Quality Assurance

Since freelance content writers work alone with no structured team to assess content quality, content performance suffers. They do not have an editorial or quality assurance team to evaluate and improve the quality of their content. 


Pros of Hiring Content Writing Agency 


1. Competences

An agency’s content writers usually have experience in writing content for websites, advertisements, sponsored posts, video scripts, and more.


Furthermore, agencies offer services such as premium stock images, data analytics tools, and content writing and marketing tools.


2. Scope of Services

Content agencies can serve as one-stop shops for your content requirements if you need more than content writing services. 


A few examples of these services are: 



3. Work Load

Content Writing Agencies have a larger workforce and more resources. It can be a great advantage when you have a large project. It is better to outsource larger projects to agencies rather than manage multiple freelancers.


4. Quality Assurance 

The content writing agencies provide the client with writers with good content ideas and a very creative way of planning the project.


To maintain the best customer experience and cater to the best clients’ needs, these agencies have assigned individuals or teams to ensure that the content is grammatically correct.


5. Accountability

Generally, Content Writing agencies are hired on the basis of contractual obligations. It’s safe to say that hiring content agencies offer better accountability as well as quality control.


Cons of Hiring Content Writing Agency

1. Cost

An agency will always charge more for content than a freelancer will.


Almost all agencies charge a monthly fee. They also add costs for strategy, marketing, and analysis. 


2. Controllability

An agency’s major disadvantage is that you cannot select the person you work with. Based on your project’s scale, a writer will be assigned to you randomly.


3. An inability to adapt

You can’t easily request changes to a work-in-progress from an agency that has a contract with you.


4. Prioritizing

Although content agencies have hundreds of writing projects in the pipeline, they rarely reject a customer despite their busy schedules.


With such pressure, content writers find it difficult to deliver high-quality content.


Why Choose an Agency Over a Freelancer

You can expect the following from a good content writing agency over a freelancer:


1. SEO Strategy

68% of all online experiences start with a search engine.


When hiring a content writing agency, choose one with SEO expertise. 


No matter if they’re in charge of your SEO strategy or simply writing content, their work is always fully optimized.


2. Optimized Content

A content writing agency optimizes all of the content they create. 


As a B2B company, you need content that appeals to your audience and is quickly crawled, indexed, and ranked by search engines.


3. Consistent Delivery Schedule

Working with a content agency with publishing and delivery built in gives confidence in the content schedule.


4. Content Distribution

It is common for content writing agencies to include content distribution as part of their content writing services packages. You can often see results immediately, and it is usually cost-effective.


5. KPI-focused Strategies

Good content agencies always report on performance metrics openly and transparently.


If they fail to mention it explicitly, perhaps another option would be better.


The KPI reporting system ensures accountability, guarantees strategy execution, and shows the agency’s value.


What To Look For When Hiring an Agency

All of these vital business competencies are likely to be found in many content writing agencies. However, you should also consider other, less tangible factors before deciding. 


You can’t measure them directly, but you need them in order to work with your agency in the long run.


1. Partnership

Your agency will become a key partner for content marketing. 


When it comes to creating content for your brand, they must understand its goals, target audience, brand voice and overall content goals.


2. Fit

Cultural compatibility is key to long-term working with an agency. 


Your communication with your agency should feel natural. Keeping these things in mind can significantly improve your long-term working relationship.


3. Transparent Process

No agency is perfect. 


Decide what you want from the start and choose an agency you can rely on rather than one that overpromises.


4. Follow-up

Initially, it can be tricky to assess, but there are ways to do it. 


An agency that shows up to meetings on time and promptly responds to your calls and emails is likely to follow through in the long run.


Final Thoughts: Agency vs. Freelancer —For Content Writing

In conclusion, hiring a content writing agency and a freelancer have benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.


You must take into account your budget, flexibility, and time constraints when making the decision.


Outsourcing content creation depends on your specific needs.


You can hire freelancers if your business or startup needs specialized content.


In contrast, When you need high-volume, high-skilled content creation, you should hire an agency.


LexiConn Content is capable of delivering all that and more. 


Get in touch today to discuss your brand and content goals.