There is no shortage of content on the internet. Search with any keyword you can imagine, and there will be answers, articles, blogs and what not! Some of them are downright basic, while some are exceptionally good with deep insight into the topic. These are the crème de la crème of content that rank on top of the search results.


However, this is not 10x content. 10x content is what beats these top-ranking contents on the internet.


What is 10x Content?

Rand Rashkin, an SEO expert and the founder of SparkToro, first used the term 10x content in one of his weekly videos. Making a content 10 times better than the best available content in the internet is what Rand calls 10x content.


To create the best content, one has to take a few measures under consideration:

  • The content must adequately address the user intent (users intention behind the keyword search)
  • The content must provide an exceptional user experience (visually pleasing and informative)
  • The content must provide legit information on the topic
  • The content must be a combination of trustworthiness, high-quality, usefulness, and interesting enough to entice the reader
  • It has to offer more than what is already available on the internet; in short, add more value

To meet all the parameters mentioned above may seem difficult, and it is. Creating the best quality content is the success-mantra of content marketing, and it’s not easy.


Let’s discuss what a content creator needs to note down before he starts weaving the cloak from his imagination.


How to Create 10x Content? – The Skyscraper Technique

Before you start building the better version of the best, know what is best. As the first step, you research the keyword you want to rank for. Put the keyword on your preferred search engine to find the top-ranking content pages for that keyword. Read the top 5 results carefully and try to figure out their weaknesses.


The idea is to create content that is 10 times better than the existing top contents. The essence of the skyscraper technique is to build the tallest skyscraper in the skyline. In content marketing, your content is your skyscraper.


After deciding your topic, you need to take the following steps:

  • Read the top-ranking existing content and try to find where they lack
  • Whether they have less information
  • Whether they lack in proving better user experience
  • Whether you can better optimise the content for other devices
  • Finding it difficult to improve the existing content significantly, you can use another keyword where you can rank better.

How to Create 10x Content? – Make it Light, Let it Load

With the internet becoming more affordable every day, online content can reach a wider audience. However, the content page must be light so that it loads faster on any device. The creator has to keep in mind the target demography and curate the content accordingly. A heavily loaded page with graphics and videos may take longer to load; that’s a big turn down for the audience.


Just as much as the content creator needs to use graphics to enhance the user experience, the onus to keep it light will be on him. You have to factor in the attention span of your reader. With the average reader’s attention span getting lesser than that of a goldfish, keeping them hooked to your content becomes all the more challenging.


Remember, user-engagement will be a lot difficult to achieve with a page that takes ages to load.


How to Create 10x Content? – Good Writing

For creators focusing on articles, white papers, brochures, blogs, etc., to drive traffic to the website or engage readers, possessing good writing skill is foremost. You must know how to create persuasive content.


Here are a few pointers for beginners and budding content writers:

  • Your writing must be concise; focus on brevity
  • You must set your tone right per your target audience
  • You must have in-depth knowledge about the subject; you can research to gain deep insight into the topic
  • You must know how to use visual elements to make your article stand out

Overall, a content that is pleasing to the eye can quickly hook the reader’s attention. Bear in mind that with the lack of depth in information, the reader will lose no time to escape the fluff. It is essential to keep all the factors in mind in order to create 10x content.


Apart from what we have discussed so far, certain other aspects help mould your content in the best shape possible, making them stand out from others. Some of them are not specific to content but vivify your overall content marketing campaign. We are talking about the art of content repurposing.


Content Repurposing Creates 10x Content

When you create a video for your audience, it doesn’t serve those who prefer reading an article. Do you know that you can transcribe the entire video and polish it further to an article? Yes, and now you have one content published in two different forms; that’s called content repurposing.


Experts believe that mastering the art of content repurposing will help the content creators serve a broader audience in modern days. There are key benefits of this approach. Content repurposing enables you to create a 360-degree marketing campaign, crucial for effective brand communication. It channelises your content in various mediums – blogs, videos, podcasts, social media, etc.


Take for example, you write an article on a topic and embed a video file in it where experts discuss the topic. It not only leaves the reader with a choice – to read or to watch – it also adds direct insights from the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), which is any day better than using quotes.


With this content, the readers don’t need to look for other sources to gather additional information. It also makes your content trustworthy.


To Conclude

When your content serves the user intent more accurately and becomes the one-stop solution to the audiences’ needs, it emerges as a 10x content.