Making a successful sale and preventing a potential customer from leaving your website depends on accurate Fashion Product Descriptions.


When consumers read product descriptions, they should be confident in their decision to spend money based on the information they have read. 


“I like that product” can quickly turn into “I want that product”.


Statista estimates the global online fashion market will reach $872 billion by 2023, up from $533 billion in 2018.


Keeping up with the huge demand for fashion products requires you to write quality product descriptions.


Most marketers and copywriters make the mistake of describing products in their descriptions and using product photos to convey their messages.


What makes it wrong? 


A good product description should be to sell your product to real people rather than just rank your page in search engines.


As it turns out, you can express how valuable your product is by following a few simple steps.


Before we proceed, it’s important to know what a product description is.


What Is a Good Product Description?

A product description explains why a customer should buy a particular product on the product page. 


Everything customers need to know about that product can be found in that product’s description.


Buying an item online is not like holding or testing it in person. 


So, their buying decision is greatly influenced by the content of the product pages.


You can’t just upload a product picture, mention its name and price, and briefly describe it. 


Poor product descriptions will put off even impulse buyers and fashionistas.


With the right description of your fashion products, your brand will be more likely to attract loyal customers.


What is Fashion Product Description & Why is it important for your Fashion Brand?

Getting shoppers to buy your product is all about compelling copy, so what should you include in the description? 


When writing product descriptions for your fashion store, think about the effect you want to have on visitors.


What does an effective description look like? 


It consists of:


  • A clear description of what the product is and how it is to be used
  • Your product’s benefits
  • Weigh, size, quality, components, etc., all information to make an informed decision.
  • Social proof and diverse content make your argument stronger.


How to Write Fashion Product Descriptions That Sell

Considering how vital fashion product copy is, let’s address one of the top questions sellers ask — what should you include in your fashion product description? 


Whether you’re new to selling or a seasoned pro, we’ll show you how to effectively market your brand with fashion product descriptions.


When you sell a lot of products online, the process of writing product descriptions can be time-consuming.


As long as you see sales coming in, it will all be worth it.


It is most likely that a potential buyer is searching your website to find the perfect product for them. 


Make your product content – product descriptions appealing to customers so they will click “Add to Cart”.


What can be done to make it happen? 


Check out 10 easy steps that will help you write fashion product descriptions that sell in your online Fashion store:


1. Your Ideal Customer – It all starts with them

Whenever you write a product description with a large market in mind, the description becomes unclear, and you end up talking to no one.


Describe your product directly to your target audience. 


It’s like having a conversation with them – solving their questions. Make sure you know the words your ideal buyer uses. 


You use the word “You”.


2. Make them see the Benefits, not the Specifications

Customers who visit your store for the first time are curious about what it offers.


There isn’t time for them to delve into product specifications. Explaining the benefits of your product will make it stand out.


See this excellent example of a product description.


Benefits of Fashion Product Descriptions


Image Source


3. Keywords are your best friend

Your copy should appeal both to customers and search engines.


So, how can you make the product description SEO-friendly?


Online store owners should follow one SEO rule: Use long tail keywords in product descriptions. 


They should be well-integrated throughout your copy. Be careful not to use keywords excessively to the point that it makes your writing sound inauthentic.


Always remember to include a page title, meta description, and a description of the page: 


Keywords in Fashion Product Description


Image Source


4. Tell a Story through a Fashion Product Description

The power of stories is well known to all of us. Tell a compelling story to the customers. 


Engaging your audience requires relevant content. 


A good fashion product description evokes emotions in the reader – the process of making it, what it was made of, what it stands for, etc.


It’s all about emotions. 


You can add a story to your product by answering these questions:


  • What inspired you to create this product?
  • What company or designer created this product? 
  • How did your first product launch go?
  • What steps did you take to test your product? 
  • Have you made any changes to the product design since it was first created?


Farida Gupta Product Details


Image Source


Let your customers tell their stories, too — you might discover a new way to use your product!


5. Brand Voice – Be in tune with your audience

Imagine the perfect buyer for your product. 


Put yourself in their shoes by adopting a style or tone they relate to.


Knowing that most of your Leather Fashion customers are vegans, you should tell them about your cruelty-free vegan bags.


Brand Voice Example


Image Source


Consider your buyer’s unique concerns when writing a product description.


6. Consider the pain points of your target customer – Find out what they want

What is the most effective way to use a description? -Convince your customers that your product is solving their problems or making things better for them.


Consequently, when you describe your product, consider your customers’ needs and problems.


For example, when selling a lifestyle or fashion product, say eye makeup, you may target professional makeup artists or casual consumers.


They will both have different problems and needs. 


Those who work in the makeup industry need products that can handle advanced and creative makeup.


Your product description should highlight durability, waterproofness, and a wide range of colours for your products.


Professional makeup example


Image Source


Non-professionals, on the other hand, prefer an option that is affordable and easy to use.


Fashion Product Descriptions for Casual Audience


Image Source


Describe the ease of use of your products, feature storage convenience, and are a great alternative to costly professional makeup.


7.  Don’t use Generic or Empty Words

Avoid words such as “exceptional”, “high-performance”, “ahead of the game”, and “top of the market”. 


Be specific instead of using clichés. 


For example, instead of saying: “We deliver pro products”, you can see Lakme’s example where they mention, “ Their products are made of hydra pro gel.”


Don't be generic but specific Product Descriptions


Image Source


8. Diversify your content – Make it easier to scan 

Product descriptions don’t just contain text. 


Ensure that your customers find it easy to browse and consume your content by using visual elements like tables, graphics, and icons.


For example, instead of writing “We provide easy returns options”, you can use an Easy Return logo/image. 


Easy to scan Fashion Product Descriptions


Image Source


Share customer testimonials, show your brand in action, or highlight its benefits with videos.


9. Create Mobile-optimized Product Descriptions

People tend to skip long descriptions when viewing your site from a smartphone or tablet.


When writing more detailed product descriptions, be sure to format them for mobile users.


Mobile optimised Product Description


Image Source


10. Proofread and Edit your Product Description

Don’t publish anything without proofreading it. 


Nothing is worse than losing a customer because of a typo or error. 


If you’re not very confident in your editing skills, it’s always a good idea to let someone else review your work.



If a customer lands on a fashion product that catches their eye, your product description may seal the deal. 


Now it’s time to start writing the product description. 


We understand that most people might find this more challenging than they thought. 


In the end, all it is about is making others aware of the product, which you know more than anyone else.


Well, the thing is, we can also do this for you if you allow us to share your product story with the world. 


Tell us about your product and what you know about it. Let us tell your stories and explain every detail you can think of.


Contact us to get us to write the perfect Fashion Product Descriptions that sell.