You’ve undoubtedly heard the buzzword “Influencer” popping up everywhere lately.


It brings to mind all Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other social media Influencers promoting diet supplements and other products. 


If you execute your influencer marketing campaign correctly, it can be a very effective strategy.


Here’s what you need to know to run a successful Health and Wellness Influencer Marketing Campaign. 


What Is Influencer Marketing?

An influencer marketing strategy involves brands collaborating with well-known influential individuals to promote their brands in targeted markets.


The popularity of influencer marketing has gone up by 90x since 2013.


Influencer Marketing Stasttics


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You don’t always need to look for the most famous person to find influencers.


Instead, find someone your audience trusts, and use their influence to grow your brand.


It’s not just Instagram where you can find influencers.


Influencer Marketing-Statistics Social Media Channels

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What makes Influencer Marketing so important?

With an influencer marketing campaign for health and wellness, more people will be able to find out about your product.


Influencer Marketing Strategy Statistics

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It’s no secret that influencers, in particular, are gaining more traction in the health and wellness industry.


Consequently, many companies have started to use health and wellness influencer marketing strategies to boost sales and gain brand recognition. 


Increasingly, brands are spending more than half of their marketing budgets on influencer marketing campaigns because they generate positive ROI.


Influencers Marketing Budget

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Here are some reasons your brand should consider influencer marketing in the health and wellness space: 


1. Inform your Audience

A product’s reviews, articles, and social media posts are popular sources of information for consumers in the health and wellness sector.


Creating educational content, tutorial videos, or personal viewpoints on the industry by influencers is a great way to reach your target market.


Check this post from the famous Youtuber and Instagram Influencer Gaurav Taneja promoting Myprotein.

Youtuber and Instagram Influencer Gaurav Taneja promoting Myprotein.


2. Act as Social Proof

When it comes to health and wellness products, consumers need social proof that the products are effective and safe.


In continuation of our previous example, Myprotein’s official website features a specific webpage featuring Gaurav Taneja’s endorsement.


Myprotien Gaurav Taneja's endorsement


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3. Organic Engagement

An influencer can create the touchpoints necessary for consumers to make an informed purchase decision.


With the help of health and wellness influencers, you can pique the curiosity of your audience and persuade them to purchase your products.


Popular form of content among target audiences is image carousels, tutorial videos, informative and humorous memes, fitness videos, etc. 


Again, we’ll use the same example.


Watch this video to see how the influencer went to the brand’s store to build trust and transparency.


Organic Engagement from Influencers


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Now, let’s see how to make Influencer Marketing Campaigns work for your brand.

When you use an Influencer’s Marketing campaign, you are using their platform.


The first step in your influencer campaign should be to outline the campaign’s goals before creating the content, identifying an influencer, and moving forward.


Why is that?


Goals guide every decision you make.


Influencers, platforms, and content types; all of these factors are crucial.


The first step is to define the goal.


Goals should include three parts:


– Analyze the Influencer’s Demographics


– Decide what the influencer can do for you


– Think about how influencers can help you


You should be specific about your goal. There are specific numbers and platforms included. 


Although you may change your goal’s details, it should serve as the starting point for all your future actions.


Check out our Content Distribution Guide to know how to set goals.


Once you’ve defined your goal, you can move on to discovering influencers.


How to Find the Right Influencers for Your Health and Wellness Brand’s Influencer Marketing Campaign

For your Health and Wellness Influencer Marketing campaign to be successful, you need to find the right influencer. 


So, let’s get started.



Every brand needs an influencer that fits its context. 


When choosing influencers for your brand, this is the most important attribute.


Check out this profile of Karishma Sakhrani – MasterChef India 4 Finalist creating health and wellness content. 


Karishma Sakhrani Health and Wellness Brand’s Influencer


Considering that her target audience is similar to the brand’s, her endorsement is relevant.



Reach is the capacity of an influencer to make an impact on their audience. 


When you target people who are contextually aligned with your brand and have a wide enough reach, you are more likely to see this result.


Give Your Influencer an Image

  • Name
  • Industry of influence, as well as niches
  • Total followers (including all platforms your audience uses)
  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • Snapchat
  • Pros & Cons
  • Email/contact details
  • Content Niche


Influencer Marketing Statistics of Influencers Content


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The next challenge is, where do you find your ideal influencer?


With an image, your influencer is no longer this impenetrable mist. 


Seeing it makes it easier for us to understand and identify it.


We can do it by following methods:


A. Tracking Social Media

1. Brand Advocates

Brand advocates can be the most powerful influencers for your brand. 


Your brand isn’t just a part of their content, they share how much they love your brand and share it loudly and actively.


Bani j - Brand Advocate


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2. Look at Hashtags

Find out which hashtags the influencers in your target market use. 


Not only can you see which influencers are active in these niches, but also which blog topics catch their attention.


You can use tools like HootSuite, Brandmentions, Hashtagify, and more to get this information. 




3. Google Alerts

Set alerts for your brand’s keywords so that you can identify who posts about topics that relate to it.


Google Alert


4. Mention

Mention allows you to track your company’s mentions across various sites, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.




B. Blogger Outreach

Influencers such as bloggers are among the most powerful. 


It is a bonus to target bloggers because they are usually active on multiple social media platforms.


When locating influential bloggers to work on your brand, find blogs that write about relevant topics relevant to your niche.


C. Influencer Marketplaces

You can avoid middlemen by using influencer marketplaces by bringing in real-time information.


Examples of marketplaces include Tribe and  Aspire


You can browse through hundreds of influencer profiles.


Finally, the most important factor for a successful Health and Wellness Influencer Marketing Campaign is – Content Creation.


True brand influencers are passionate about the product or service they promote. 


Influencer Marketing Statistics Content Format

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In your efforts, you should strive to get user-generated content from happy customers.


Your brand’s fans can generate content about you through the following methods:


– Get your customers to post photos or videos of how they use your product.


– Offer a giveaway or discount as an incentive for user-generated content


– Provide your customers with case study questions and let them approve content before it goes live.


– Be active in all discussion forums


– Offer influencers free products or free trials


– The guest blogging trend is still alive, as long as it is done right.


Making the Most of your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

By outlining your goals, selecting your influencer, and building a relationship with them, you are on your way to achieving them.


Authenticity is key. 


People today crave authentic connections, which is why traditional ads no longer work.


For your influencer campaign to be successful, the influencer must be authentic no matter how much you pay them.


Ensure that the platform you choose is right for you.


You must not only consider the platforms on which your audience is most active, but also the types of content that perform well on those platforms.


Get to know the influencer personally. This gives you both a chance to find out if you’re a good fit and makes you seem more authentic.


Make your influencer comfortable with your brand by providing them with information and access, but don’t take over their creative direction.


Take the time to explain what your brand stands for and how your brand speaks.


Share interesting stories about your brand and your customers, invite them to your offices, and offer tickets to your events.


Your target audience likes them for a good reason. Giving up creative control is necessary to maintain the authenticity of the interaction.


Influencer Marketing Conclusion

An era obsessed with smartphones might make influencer marketing sound like just another buzzword. Although the practice is not new, it has been around for quite some time.


Brands don’t make people trust them as much as people do.


Brand loyalty can be built through influencer marketing.


Is there a campaign you have implemented that uses influencers? How did things turn out for you?


If you are not satisfied with your previous results or want to generate greater ROI with your Influencer Marketing campaigns, Contact Us