Almost everywhere you turn these days you hear about influencer marketing’s magical powers.


Is there really any value in this buzzword-heavy marketing strategy?


Let’s look into this. 


Influencer marketing has grown from $1.7 billion to $9.7 billion in the last couple of years. 


As of 2021, it has increased steadily to $13.8 billion. And, an estimated $16.4 billion is expected to be generated by the market this year.


Influencer Marketing Global Market Size


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Out of this, the health and wellness industry is now worth $6 trillion with a growing trend. 


By leveraging health and wellness influencer marketing, we can reach more customers than ever.


Health and Wellness Market in 2025


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As health and wellness brands grow, so do consumers’ awareness of misinformation while shopping for healthcare. 


For this reason, Health and Wellness brands should be very careful about demonstrating credibility.


In an era when consumers are wary of unknowing companies, health and wellness influencers can instantly establish their credibility.


Influencers in Health and Wellness

A health and wellness influencer is someone who promotes his or her own brand or collaborates with a product manufacturer.


They also share tips online or uplift others by nurturing their online communities.


Key Influencer Marketing Statistics


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Yet they all share a deep desire to help the people who follow them.


Influencer Marketing in Health & Wellness

With influencer marketing in the health and wellness sector, marketers must follow proper guidelines, collaborate with credible creators, and promote their brands effectively. 


A key aspect of this is earning consumer trust.


As soon as you earn the trust of your ideal customers, you have to decide what content and creators will give them the best chance of building it.


Content Types that work Best

The type of content you choose will depend on your brand and how your product will be showcased. 


You could post the following content:


  • Tutorials in the form of blogs, videos, image carousels, etc.
  • FAQs in blogs, videos, live events, etc.
  • Unboxings or product reviews
  • Event for your niche audience


Influencer Marketing Statistics Content Format

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Finding the right Health and Wellness Influencer

It doesn’t matter whether the influencer lacks a degree or training, they can still recommend your product as an authentic and authoritative voice.


However, therapists, doctors, dieticians, etc., are among many health and wellness influencers who hold full credentials.


The most important thing is that you understand who your audience is. 


Your ideal clients can be targeted using Buyer Personas. 


In order to reach the right audience online, you need to collaborate with influencers that fit your ideal customer profile.


Check out our blog on keys to running a successful Health and Wellness Influencer Marketing Campaign.


Tips to help you Run a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign for Health & Wellness Brands


Step 1 – Determine who you want to reach.

Marketing is always all about knowing your target audience, but health and wellness brands should pay particular attention to identifying their niches.


To find influencers who represent the audience you want, you need to be as specific as possible with your ideal customer profiles.


You will be able to reach like-minded customers easier if your target audience is clearly defined.


Step 2 – Define your campaign goals and KPIs

It is important to clearly define the objectives of every influencer campaign. 


Make a list of high-level goals, like boosting brand recognition, generating sales, etc. that you’d like your health and wellness influencers to help you achieve.


As soon as you have set campaign goals, break them down into quantified key performance metrics (KPIs). 


Make sure you identify key performance indicators such as engagements, link clicks, etc. providing insight into the performance of your campaign. 


These metrics can help you develop realistic goals and deadlines.


Step 3 – Pick your top Influencer prospects.

You can start by making a list of the health and wellness influencers you most like from the selection. 


The influencers that express interest in your brand can be contacted privately by direct message or email and responses can be tracked.


Making your influencers test your product or service is a key step in your recruiting process.


You need to identify people who are truly passionate about your brand before onboarding them into your marketing campaign. Having this mindset ensures the best results and authenticity for campaigns.


Step 4 – Draft a campaign brief and guidelines.

Your campaign brief sets out what your influencer is required to post as part of the collaboration. 


Consider adding these points to this brief:


  • KPIs and goals for campaigns
  • Content-type and format
  • Keywords, hashtags, links, or promotional codes
  • Guidelines for generating the best outcomes


Step 5 – Launch and track your campaign.

After carefully planning your campaign, you’re ready to launch it. 


Keeping track of your influencer posts will make it easier for you to evaluate campaign performance.


You can identify your top performers as well as which messages resonate with audiences by tracking engagement and performance metrics in a spreadsheet or influencer marketing platform.


Step 6 – Review campaign results

Take note of what worked and what didn’t after each campaign. 


Once you get the hang of it, you’ll know how to run an influencer campaign effectively.


Influencers in health and wellness are often included in discussions on the effectiveness of campaigns.


When they represent your brand to their audience, you’ll likely gain valuable insights that will help you improve both your campaign results and your product development.


Influencer campaigns for health & wellness


As a health brand with a long history, Dettol has had a strong marketing strategy based on traditional media, including television and print advertising.


Although the company doesn’t actively use influencer marketing, when it does, it makes a significant difference.


Dettol Influencer Marketing Campaign

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Paree Girl

Paree Girl introduced the ‘ultra soft’ and ‘breathable’ sanitary pad and used a clever marketing strategy to promote it.


The famous Instagram influencer Kusha Kapila illustrates the daily struggles and despairs faced by women throughout their menstrual cycle.


Kusha Kapila x Paree Girl Influencer Marketing Campaign


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Beauty giant Nykaa hold an interactive online ‘Wellness Week’ by collaborating with an array of doctors, influencers, and celebrities for a series on online events.


Nykaa Wellness Week


5 health & wellness influencers to watch in 2022

1. Sahil Khan

An actor, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and fitness influencer, Sahil Khan is a key figure in the Indian fitness scene.


In his posts, he discusses workouts, diet supplements, and a variety of fitness-related topics.


He has a 10.8 million-strong following on Instagram and  3.18M subscribers on Youtube. 


He also works with wellness and fitness brands like Hunk water. Furthermore, he owns and operates a gym called Life Fitness.

Sahil Khan


2. Bani J

Actor, VJ, Roadie and a fitness Instagram influencer, Bani J post workout regimes, nutrition tips, and bodybuilding secrets on her Instagram page. She has 1.5 million followers.


Bani J


3. Mandira Bedi

As an IPL presenter and the star of Doordarshan’s hit serial Shanti, her Instagram account has over 1.9 million followers.


Despite her handle being a mash-up of genres, she also endorses a ton of health-related brands like Garmin Smartwatches and Max Fit App from Max Life Insurance.

Mandira Bedi


4. Prince Narula

In just a few years, Prince Narula went from being nothing but a commoner to becoming a fitness Instagram influencer with a huge following.


He helps his 4.8M strong Instagram family achieve their fitness goals by posting workout hacks and nutrition tips.


Prince Narula


5. Ranveer Allahabadia

A fat-to-fit idol, Ranveer Allahbadia has gone from overweight to fit and is a fitness blogger and Instagrammer!


His Instagram handle (@beerbicpes) has 1.8 million followers, making him one of India’s top fitness influencers, especially for young people.




Conclusion – 

Make connections with engaged, niche audiences by leveraging trusted health and wellness influencers.


2022 and beyond look bright for health and wellness influencer marketing.


A brand’s future is even brighter if it builds lasting relationships with the right health and wellness influencers.


It is proven that opinions shared by experts in nutrition, fitness, medicine, and mental health make products instantly credible. 


As well, brands can increase awareness, sales, and product development with authentic endorsements from active health and wellness influencers.


If you think managing influential customer relationships is a tough job, we are here to help you!