E-Commerce: Virtual Product Catalogue

The World Wide Web is the biggest bazaar on the planet and product descriptions are the salespeople. Manufacturers, resellers, multi-brand portals, flagship stores, small retailers, and even individuals offer various products and services online. However, the rules of this game change very fast.


We live in an omnichannel world (meaning buyers move seamlessly between online and offline worlds to complete their research and/ or buying cycles). In fact, research shows that 65% of consumers search online before visiting a brick and mortar shop selling the product. This is why your e-commerce website becomes ever so important.


Retailers are aware of this fact and are constantly optimizing digital experiences through web and app storefronts. They also realize that one of the key requirements for a seamless online buying experience is tactfully written product content that is crisp, informative, and appealing.


Key Components Of A Product Page

Ideally, every Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) being offered online should have a separate HTML page. This allows the merchandiser to add a unique product description, multiple product shots, key highlights, detailed specifications, Q&As, product reviews, and even include cross-sell and up-sell suggestions.


In addition, a dedicated page also facilitates on-page SEO through landing page content, keyword-rich descriptions and title, image ALT tags, and META tags.


Product Catalogues Generally Include

  • Short Descriptions

    This is a short, 30-40 word feature-rich description which acts as an introduction to the product.

  • Long Descriptions

    This is a comprehensive, 80-100-word (or more) product description that introduces the product, and the brand, and mentions its features and applications. An ideal long description should include ranked keywords.

  • Key Features and Highlights

    These are the key selling points and attributes of the product. A web architect can pull these out for the product listing page or the Search Results Page.

  • Category-wise Attributes

    These are the individual attributes (values) that an SKU has. For e.g., a Digital Camera can have more than 50 different values like Lens Type, ISO, Aperture, Effective Pixels, Display Type, Accessories, etc.

  • On-page Keywords

    Product descriptions can be smartly written to include ranked keywords among attributes, headings, footers, and even other static text.

  • META Tags – Titles, Descriptions, and Keywords

    Having a dedicated page for every SKU allows you to create keyword-rich META tags.

Why Hire A Content Agency For Writing Product Descriptions?

As a category manager or a content administrator for an e-commerce store, you could be managing thousands of products and hundreds of product categories on your portal. While aspects like reference codes (Article IDs, SAP IDs), MRP, Sale Price, and Shipping Details can be uploaded through software, writing product descriptions and search engine optimization requires product knowledge and writing skills.

These activities can be outsourced to a specialist content writing agency because:


  • It is a Specialist’s Job

    A product description writer is a techno-creative writer who reads and learns about the product, understands its key features, and benefits, and creates compelling product copy that meets the style guide and SEO guidelines.

  • Scaling Up

    A full-time content agency can deliver hundreds of product descriptions each day, allowing you to scale up to cover multiple categories and thousands of products. Setting up such a team in-house might not be strategically lucrative.

  • Reliability

    Most content agencies have a robust QC process with two-tier editing and proofreading. Each product description undergoes stringent quality checks which include checks for adherence to style guides, language, tone, grammar, and other consistencies.

LexiConn has created thousands of product descriptions for leading e-commerce companies across the globe. We have worked seamlessly with multi-brand portals and established online retailers to help them launch and maintain key categories.


Over the years, we have built significant facilities and resources to cater to the ever-increasing content requirements of e-commerce companies. Our capabilities span across product categories like:


  • Electronics
  • Apparels
  • Furnishing
  • Consumer products
  • Paper products
  • Sanitary ware
  • Household appliances
  • FMCG
  • Lifestyle goods
  • Sports goods
  • Engineering and Telecom

We Offer

  • Ready-to-Upload Product Descriptions

    We speak your language! We understand your backend operations and can write product descriptions to fit your template requirements. You can directly upload the content on the UAT.

  • Designated Formats/ Upload Sheets

    We are familiar with the various category-wise upload sheets, forms and formats that could be linked to your inventory management or SAP platforms.

  • HTML Coding

    We can add basic HTML formatting codes while writing the product descriptions. The commonly used formatting syntax are:

    • Paragraphs <p>
    • Bulleted Lists <li> or <ul>
    • Line Breaks <br>
    • Bold and Highlighted text <b>
  • End-to-End Product Description Writing Services

    Our teams can mine data from any source. We can carry out data collection through:
  • On-Site (Content creation by inspection):

Our teams can visit you on-site to collate data from factories, warehouses, stores, and showrooms! We can also create fresh new content for your private labels.

  • Content Scrapping: We can carry out data mining online, from brand websites or other authentic sources.


  • Product Photographs: Yes! You can share product photographs and the basic specifications and we can create short product descriptions through visual inspection.


  • Specifications: We can decode technical documents and create effective product descriptions.


  • Marketing Materials: Of course, we can start with brochures, presentations and leaflets and write crisp product descriptions for e-commerce or e-catalogues!


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