Blogging is a proven content marketing activity to drive traffic to your website. A blog post can be a great marketing and communication tool, offering valuable insight into your business and industry. However, the Internet is replete with blogs and articles about every subject. What will make someone read yours?


A Unified Blogging Strategy

Every blog on your website should stem from a well-crafted communication strategy. Chalking-out a 6-month blogging strategy ensures coherence. It allows your readers to preempt, subscribe and bookmark your website. An important step in establishing this strategy is to find out specific questions that your target audience has and schedule your blog posts to answer those.



The key to content marketing is honesty. About your subject, your ideas and your recommendations. If you are not an expert on the subject, don’t write. While “researched” pieces can make fascinating blog posts, they are nothing but smart compilations. Only a SME (subject matter expert) can provide the thoughts and insights that can add value.Talk to a SME, do your homework before you start writing.


While quoting statistics, always provide hyperlinks and references to your source. If you are making some assumptions, state them clearly. Well-researched articles allow a post to exert its authority amongst others written on a similar theme. Knowledge is power.


Embed meaningful hyperlinks to other content like videos, related posts, tips, and extended reading. All of this works towards enhancing the credibility and authenticity of your post.


Visual Appeal

A post that has been divided into meaningful subheadings is easier to read. Like this post. If your post is going to be lengthy, cover it in smaller paragraphs, add tables, images, and white spaces, so that you do not overwhelm the reader. Remember, short is sweet.


An Element Of Fun

An informative blog post needn’t be dull. Adding some humor, finding contemporary analogies within the content, creating catchy headlines and using graphics, can make any topic interesting, even entertaining. The focus should be to allure even the most disinterested reader. It is important to ask yourself: What will keep the reader captivated? Think like a businessman, write like a performer.


Impeccable Content

Your writing should be devoid of typographical errors. However, editing doesn’t stop just at grammar. Read through your text to ensure that it flows naturally; that every word, sentence, and paragraph is there because it is needed. Be merciless when you are editing – sometimes, less is more.


Other Ideas

A blog post should help pique the reader’s curiosity about your topic and guide them to you. You should also aim to provide comprehensive information while remaining within the scope of the topic at hand.


Use free tools like Google Analytics to analyze its performance and keep optimizing your subsequent posts to improve discoverability.


Always provide a call-to-action for encouraging conversions. Contact us at LexiConn to create great blogs for your business.


See what we did there?