Product descriptions can play a pivotal role in converting sales. If done correctly, the prospective customer can become a loyal customer instantly. About 87 percent of the shopper rate product descriptions as extremely important for them while making the purchase. 


This makes it essential for companies to focus more on writing product descriptions that can influence people to move forward in the marketing funnel. Unfortunately, despite its importance, not many business owners are trying to improve upon their product descriptions. 


In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about product descriptions, what they are, how to write product descriptions, and much more. 


What Is a Product Description?

A product description is a written copy highlighting the product’s features and benefits and why people should buy it. The end goal of the product description is to convince the shoppers to purchase the product. 


Writing such product descriptions can be a tough job. You will need to acquire the skill of persuasive copywriting for the products. Your product description should need to answer the following questions: 


  • What can your customer gain from the product?
  • What solution does the product provide to customers?
  • What makes your product unique from all the other similar products available in the market?

Before we learn how to write product descriptions, let’s have a look at their importance.


Why Is a Product Description So Important?

Did you know that 50 percent of buyers return the item they bought online because it didn’t match the product description? That means inaccurate information can negatively impact sales. Product descriptions should be right on point and explain the product information engagingly. 


There are various benefits of writing a compelling product description. Here are some of them:


Improved search results

By including keywords in your product descriptions, you can make them SEO-friendly and rank higher in Google search results. Just optimizing images won’t do the job, you will have to write well-structured content to make it appear on the 1st page of search results.


Educate your audience

Product description can also be an excellent opportunity for you to educate your audience about the product. It allows them to get information that images can’t do.  For example, a customer won’t decide to buy a laptop or mobile device just by looking at the picture. In such cases, they want to read about all the technical specifications of the device. 


This way, the buyers don’t have to go on other websites to look up the information and save their time.


Build a relationship with the audience

A good product description can develop a strong relationship between the brand and its shopper. You can also write a product description that humors the buyer. On the other hand, a wrong product description can create a negative image of the brand, and the customer may never make a purchase again. 


Difference Between a Good And Bad Product Description

To write a product description that sells, you need to understand what makes a product description ‘bad.’ It doesn’t have anything to do with the word count of the description.


After reading a bad product description, the shoppers will have too many unanswered questions in their minds. They will not be able to comprehend the product’s information and might have second thoughts while buying the item.


This happens because a bad product description doesn’t properly explain what the product is about or its features and benefits. 


On the other hand, a good description explains why people should consider buying. It includes all the relevant information about the product and shows how it can add value to a shopper’s life. 


How to Write Product Descriptions That Sell?

One of the most important things while writing a product description is to be honest and transparent with the audience. Overselling a product can also be a huge turn-off, making the shoppers skeptical about the item. 


Here are some tips that you can follow to write a product description that can boost sales. 


1. Understand the target audience

Understanding the target audience of the business before writing is a crucial step to follow. This tip needs to be followed while creating any form of content. Get clarity on what kind of audience will be interested in the product and write descriptions that appeal to them.


You can write a humorous description for like sunglasses and swimsuits, but it won’t be a good idea to opt for such writing for products like life jackets, laptops, or other products that. 


You should also figure out the demographic of the target audience and write descriptions accordingly. 


2. Add features & benefits

As we mentioned earlier, a product description should include the features and benefits of the product. The prospective customers are not looking for mundane features; they are looking for something unique and how it will solve their biggest problems. Therefore, you need to highlight the points that address these benefits. 


People want a reason to buy things, and incorporating the benefits of the products can give enough reasons for them to make the purchase. While writing benefits and features, keep the following points in your mind:


  • You don’t have to list down every benefit and specs of the product. Choose the top three or four features and focus only on them.
  • Explain what these features can bring to the table.
  • Explain why these benefits are relevant to the target audience. 

Think about your target audience while listing the features and benefits. Be sure to include the features that will entice the shopper to add your product to their cart. If you know that the audience will buy a particular product for its comfort and fit, then primarily focus on explaining those points in the description.


3. Write a unique description

Don’t copy the product description from any website. If you copy and paste the descriptions, Google will mark them as plagiarized, and the audience will be unable to discover the product. 


Therefore, while writing, make sure that your description is unique. Try to personalize your description as much as possible. It will improve the chances of conversion.


4. Paint a picture

Many studies have shown that if customers hold products in their hands, the desire to own that product increases. It means that the probability of conversion is higher in such cases. 


Of course, personally touching the items while shopping online is not possible. That is why your product description should make the audience imagine how this product would feel in their hands. 


5. Tell a story

Telling the product’s benefits through stories is a great way to make the reading fun for the buyers. It can also be the story about the product itself, what inspired the company or brand to make it, what difficulties they overcame to develop it, and how it is tested. 


It will also create a sense of trust among the audience and ensure that your description is unique from others. 


6. Add social proof

Add customer reviews and their picture to establish credibility with the audience. Products with a plantly of good reviews influence people to buy the product. Adding an image of the reviewer next to quotes adds a personal touch to the online company. 


More positive reviews mean the product is popular, and many buyers are interested in buying popular products. 


7. Make it easily skimmable

Many people like to go through the description as quickly as possible. These readers are called skimmers. You will have to make sure that they do not miss any of all the essential points.


To ensure your product descriptions are easily scannable, keep your sentences short and straightforward. Here are some of the points that you follow to make your descriptions skimmable:


  • Divide your product description into sections.
  • Use bullet points wherever possible.
  • Keep plenty of white spaces.
  • Use the bigger font size. 


8. Optimize the description 

Include primary keywords in the product description so that it ranks higher in the search results.  


You will have to conduct thorough research on what keywords to use in the description. There are several tools like Google Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, and Keyword that can help you to find the right keywords. 


Writing an SEO-friendly description can be difficult initially, but with practice, you can get better results. 


9. Offer all the information

Your job is to ensure that customers get all the relevant information after reading your product descriptions. If you are writing a description for the latest iPhone Tablet, then make sure to cover all the newly added features in it. 


10. Proofread It

Finally, after you have followed all the above steps, the last step is to check your write-up for grammatical and spelling errors. You can use tools like Grammarly to improve the readability of your description. 


While proofreading, you should also look out for the sentences that don’t add any value to your write-up and cut them out. You should also edit the sentences that are not very impactful. 


Product Description Examples

One of the best ways to learn writing product descriptions is by learning from real-life examples. In this section, you can go through some product description examples that we have gathered from different e-commerce websites. 


– Flipkart

This product description for a children’s toy on Flipkart is a perfect example of a short and sweet description. The description covers all the important features of the toy gun with the minimum words in sentences.


Flipkart product Description


– Amazon

Here is another example of a product description. The product is a laptop by HP that is available for sale on the e-commerce giant Amazon. Notice the difference in the writing tone between this product and the one above.  The description goes into much more detail for a laptop, and the content is right to the point.


Product Description on Amazon


– Nykaa

Now let’s have a look at a product description for a beauty item on Nykaa. You can see that the description kicks off by stating what the product can do for the buyer. Then, it goes into detail on what the product is made of and how it is beneficial to its users. 


Product Description on Nykaa


After explaining the benefits, the description covers all the features in bullet points to make it easily scannable. This is a great example from which you can take inspiration to write product descriptions. 


Product Description Template

There are several ways to write product descriptions. If you have no idea what style and format to follow, you can follow this template while writing.


4-Step Product Description Template

Step 1: Make a compliment about the customer in relation to the product.


Step 2: Include the essential features and benefits of the product.


Step 3: Add social proof.


Step 4: Encourage the customer to make the sale (Call-to-action).


This template can be used for almost every type of product, and it can also be customized according to the industry. Just make sure that your product description has a clear and comprehensive language. 


If you are writing product descriptions for a clothing brand, some extra points need to be included.  While doing online shopping, buyers can’t try the clothes, that’s why you should highlight words like  ‘home-try on’.  


Here are the points to include while writing clothing product descriptions:


  • Measurement of the clothing item.
  • Information about the fit.
  • Clothing material used. 
  • How to take care of the cloth. 

Another addition you can do while writing a clothing description is advertising accessories like a ‘watch,’ ‘shoes,’ or anything that you think will go with the item. It can help to increase your Average Ordered Value (AOV).


How to Find a Product Description Writer?

A product description writer is nothing but a copywriter or a content writer who also has expertise in writing compelling product descriptions. You can find these writers on websites like Fiverr, Guru, Upwork, or ProBlogger


Another way to hire a product description writer is by outsourcing this work to a professional content writing service provider. LexiConn is a content writing agency that has an in-depth experience of writing informative and engaging product descriptions and A+content for the World’s Largest eCommerce Company.



By following these tips and templates, you will write product descriptions that inspire customers to make the purchase. Make your customers connect with the product through your words and images. 


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