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Directions to Writer-dome 

If you have followed our posts in the past, you would have come across the term ‘writer-dome’ often.

Writer-dome is a fairy land with ink and paper to last a lifetime. Populated only by writers, (elitist much?) it is a magic realm where stories can be told and retold differently. Inspiration never fails you, and everybody is famous. Writer-dome is every writer’s dream location. 

It also does not exist…

There, there! Don’t cry!

We at LexiConn decided that you need to wake up and smell reality (because we are out of coffee). Just be glad you have the weekend to sulk about it! A writer’s climb is far from ideal, and nobody can tell you how to do it. But we care about you, and know that a little help never hurt anyone.

So here are a few tips that can help you on your path to writer-dome (because you are so hell bent on believing writer-dome exists):

1. Write
2. Write
3. Write

You’re welcome.

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