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‘Hat’ An Idea! 

Want to start a blog but you’re at your wit’s end as to what to write? Too many topics, too many interests, too many thoughts and feelings that’s too overwhelming to pen down? Just put on these 6 thinking hats and get, set, go!

“We try to do too much at once. Emotions, information, logic, hope, and creativity all crowd in on us. It is like juggling with too many balls.”- Edward De Bono

Edward De Bono’s famous Six Thinking Hats process is designed to help us compartmentalize our thoughts and provide cohesive structure to our thinking. This ultimately leads to better ideation while brainstorming.  

Our mind quickly fleets from one train of thought to the other. Now, parallel thinking is a way of lateral thinking that systematically follows and examines each trail of thought, and processes it to arrive at a conclusion.  Basically, the Six Thinking Hats are six possible ways that a problem can be approached, six different ways of thinking.

How do you go about it exactly? By putting on a particular hat, you focus your thinking according to the hat’s purpose. You can redirect your thinking by switching the hats. This can be quite an effective method of accelerating your productivity with organized thinking!


What Do These 6 Hats Stand For:-

    • White Hat stands for the information that’s known or needed. It identifies the problem at source. It’s all about facts.
    • Red Hat signifies emotional reaction, hunches and intuition. It is more about what you feel than what you think.
    • Yellow Hat stands for optimism and potential. This hat explores the positive points and benefits.
    • Black Hat stands for critical thinking. It advises caution, identifying the dangers and challenges that lie ahead. It looks for ‘what could possibly go wrong’ at every stage.
    • Green Hat stands for creativity. It helps in coming up with fresh ideas, concepts, innovative alternatives and it examines all the possibilities.
    • Blue Hat manages the other hats. It controls the process, summarizes and helps in arriving at a conclusion.

Can These 6 Thinking Hats Be Used To Generate Ideas For Blogging?

To put it simply, think of the 6 Thinking Hats as a ‘Hatter’ family. The White Hatter is the logical nerd brother who thinks doing your homework and researching thoroughly before jumping into anything is the best. While the one in the Red Hat is all about following your heart. Go with your gut instinct, she says. The Yellow Hatter is the cute little kid of the family. Full of hope and optimism and potential! Whereas, the Black Hatter is just the opposite. He’s the critical, edgy and cynical pessimist who always preaches caution. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the family is the Green one, who’s the artsy kid of the family. She’s always thinking out of the box and painting insanely creative pictures.

Keeping all these Mad Hatters in place, the Blue Hatter is the wise, practical no-nonsense Grandma. She’s all about controlling others from going haywire, organizing neatly and thinking about the bigger picture.

Now, keeping this in mind, you can take turns donning each character’s hat and have fun generating new topics.

White Hat

Write a fun, fact-based article. Since this hat is primarily about research and identifying the problem, you can choose to write about ‘How To Conduct Research’.  Back up your article with relevant links and sources. Since your write-up is substantiated by hard and true facts, it is bound to leave an impression with the reader that you know what you’re talking about. Found some interesting psych theory? Start a detailed post filled with interesting examples and cases. Be as informative as you can.  Make sure to hit them up with some impressive stats and figures!

Red Hat

If White Hat is all about logic, the Red Hat is all about the heart! Write about something that is close to your heart, something that moves you. Feeling strongly about something? Go on an angry rant about it! Write about your favourite character and why you love them. Write about a powerful music piece and how it moved you. Be introspective in your post. Your feelings, emotions and opinions should shine through.  Be an Agony Aunt and give relationship advice under this post.

Yellow Hat


Look at things sunny side-up! Our millennial culture is all about sarcasm, swagger and angst. But you can take a break from all the biting, wry humor and focus on being wholesome and cheerful for a while. Take out some of your inner sunshine and write some bright poetry filled with lovely imagery.  Pepper your post with cute memes. Write articles like ‘What are the Benefits of…’, ‘10 steps to improve your mood’, ‘These 15 things will make your day’, ‘How to Remain Positive’. Your post should radiate positivity and good vibes. People should leave your post feeling as light as a helium balloon.

Black Hat

In the meanwhile, everything isn’t all bright and rosy. Write an article that’s grounded in reality and critical in tone. It always helps to be socially and politically aware. Write a piece on the current affairs of the state. Write about something challenging that happened in your life. Since Black Hat signifies caution, write a ‘How Not To’, “5 Don’ts of something’ sort of an article.

Green Hat

Go crazy with all sorts of creative and wacky ideas! Explore the world of fanfiction and create alternate universes. Write about the dynamic innovation introduced constantly in technology. Identify and keep up with the new trends in fashion. Inspire wanderlust by posting fun articles on new places to explore. Hone your creative writing by basing it on thought-provoking writing prompts. Let your imagination soar. Maybe add a fanart, doodle or comic if you’re on the artsy side.

Blue Hat


It’s the one hat to rule them all. Create a mind map if you’re stuck. It’ll give your thinking structure and help you arrive at a decisive conclusion. Speaking of conclusion, you can write a book review of that lengthy novel. Or a movie review! What are your long-term goals in life and future? Write about that. Summarize what you’ve done so far in the blog and maybe write a thank you and appreciation post to your followers.

Keep rotating the hats and their respective topics and keep your content dynamic and fresh! Because why should you stick to just one genre or one style of content? Just like you, your blog should also have a well-rounded personality.

These techniques will help you make sure that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Learn to pace your content instead of dumping all your creativity into one post and being stuck with generic content for the rest!

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