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Is Writing for me? 

Okay, so let’s get down to business.

There are two sides to think about when accepting a writing job:
1. The emotional aspect of ‘I want to do things that make me happy’
2. The practical aspect of ‘will this feed me?’

Most people will tell you that happiness is momentary, and that it is not all that it is hyped out to be. They’re right. The elation and relief of words pouring out of your mind are but momentary. The hours spent struggling to choose a word to begin are innumerable. At some point, you will want to give up. You might even gag a little when  you think about writing a single word. It helps if you have faith that words can transform the world, but we will refrain from ambition for the moment.

The demand for writing is really high these days, because words envelop the digital world. In the real world, people don’t have time for reading 4 hour poems or 5 day manuscripts. But the virtual world is pining away for words to over power and seal it into control. So yeah, writing has started to pay you in cash and not just in happiness. It’s a real job.

Surprising, isn’t it? And you thought writing was just about grinning away while you read your manuscript! But we don’t deny that there are some moments when writing is all about happiness and nothing else. Like seeing your book in print for the first time, or watching a person read an article you wrote last week.

Maybe writing is worth it then, don’t you think? Contact us when you are ready…

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