Content Tip 245: Presentation matters! A well-formatted piece of writing, with images and text suitably aligned, is more likely to attract the reader’s atten

Content Tip 244: Have a clear idea of your client’s expectations before you begin writing the content A detailed discussion beforehand is always better than

Content Tip 243: For ongoing content requirements, take the time to create a style guide This will ensure a consistency of language and tone across all your wr

Content Tip 242: Give readers a reason to visit your website An engaging blog, about your area of expertise, punctuated with the right set of keywords, and ade

Content Tip 241: Look for different touchpoints to connect with potential customers However, ensure that they receive the same experience and warmth across all

Content Tip 240: Let your customers know you care A simple email thanking them for expressing interest in your business can work wonders!

Content Tip 239: Create an interest in your brand by regularly publishing engaging and relevant content Blogs, articles, and newsletters are some ideas that can

Content Tip 238: Search engines prefer to direct traffic towards authentic and fresh content Never resort to black hat SEO practices to get web traffic It does

Content Tip 237: When writing for selling, give customers a reason to buy Link every feature you describe, with a benefit, instead of resorting to empty superla