Content Tip 72: Case studies, e-books, whitepapers, manuals, podcasts, handbooks, templates, and vlogs are great content ideas that can help you inform, engage

Content Tip 71: Discuss with your sales and front office teams about the aspects that their clients quiz them most about Compile a series of educational content

Content Tip 70: Build valuable content Create something deep and insightful You can consider writing a whitepaper, or a series of video blogs Talk about a subj

Content Tip 69: Unlike inorganic or paid searches, investments made in creating quality web content will give your website a long-term source of organic traffi

Content Tip 67: Ask your content partner to read your company’s history, learn about your business and develop a thorough understanding of who you are The de

Content Tip 66: Hire a web designer who understands Google Webmasters tools and knows the nuances of building a search engine friendly website The best check f

Content Tip 65: Time spent towards planning a new website is time well invested It is better to not have a website than have one you are reluctant to share Or

Content Tip 64: A website can have several CTAs (Call To Action) Fill a Form, Call a Number, Share Details, Subscribe to a Newsletter, Visit a Showroom, Donate

Content Tip 63: While planning a website structure, put yourself in your visitor’s shoes Plan for how you would want to present your offerings to them There