Content Tip 53: Google’s Webmaster Academy has the information and tools to teach you how to create a site and have it found in Google Search Learn more at ht

Content Tip 52: Google offers free webmaster resources that can help you “be found” on the web Read them to learn about the best practices in website design

Content Tip 51: Planning your web content Invest in organic SEO Learn to use free tools like Google Keyword Planner to list the relevant keywords and use them

Content Tip 50: The average attention span of an Internet user is just 9 seconds per page, and is reducing further To counter this, plan “hooks” into your

Content Tip 49: On social media, someone is always listening! Tread carefully Don’t do or say anything that you would otherwise not say in public Your Retwee

Content Tip 48: Learn about the various features and options offered by a social media platform While you don’t need to be an expert, it helps to know about

Content Tip 47: Each of your social media avatar allows you to add a profile summary and a pic Be tactful and use this space well to pack a punch Of course, Hu

Content Tip 46: Just like you don’t start distributing company brochures at a family dinner, don’t start social media interactions with a sales or business

Content Tip 45: Choose your social media channels wisely While there are over 50 popular ones, most businesses do not need more than 5 channels Be focussed so