Content Tip 17: The best of messages and ideas won’t yield results if they are presented shabbily Spend some effort towards styling your content Use your com

Content Tip 16: If content is King, distribution is King Kong! Ensure that good quality content gets the push it deserves Start by using free social media chann

Content Tip 15: Give content freely Do not worry about giving away too much Content marketing is like your best salesperson visiting your prospects and talking

Content Tip 14: Move away from the “selling” mindset Sales promotions are soon forgotten, while helpful content and growth hacks stay with the reader and ev

Content Tip 13: Personalize your replies Do not rely on bots and templatized “thank you for following me” messages Invest time in studying your audience, a

Content Tip 12: A classical mistake in content marketing is talking too much about own products and services Remember, this is not advertising, it is content ma

Content Tip 11: The beauty of content marketing is that your content ideas come from within You can talk about your clients, your solutions and your success sto

Content Tip 10: Business is about relationships It is about humans helping other humans by offering products and services Think of ways to make your business an

Content Tip 9: Learn about what inspires your customers A good story, a solution to a problem or even a new product Invest in creating content that lifts their