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So you think you can Write? 

Every writer goes through the same stages: initial fascination with the written word, some sharpening of skills, finding the genre and then, developing a unique voice. There is a brief phase of doubt along the way, where stories and worlds are peddled to absolute strangers and aloof friends, in the hope that they will listen and love.

Ironically, for something that starts as an intensely personal activity, writing requires acclaim and the light of day; a writer becomes one only when others acknowledge it. Thus, the quest for the perfect blogging platform, writer’s groups or forums begin. What the writer doesn’t take into account is how lonely that can be. Ideas on the internet can sometimes feel like shooting dust particles into outer space.

That’s where LexiConn comes in. We can give you platforms that have a lot more meaning than that empty abyss you call your blog. Your words will be in multiple arenas- magazines, websites, and yes, even the paper! You will work with a group of writers like yourself, who understand the steep climb to writer-dome. Who knows! You might even be able to collaborate with each other and get that writer career started!

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