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The crime of Content Manufacturing 

Content writing is a job that gets people going ‘Eh.’ Nobody knows what it is and those who know are content writers themselves. It’s the kind of job that makes no sense to anybody-not even the people who work in the field.

One would think that it entails creating quality content that the world can read. But oh no! That is far from reality! Content writing is code for content manufacturing; the latest job to loom around the corner…!

Large volumes of meaningless words are assembled and recreated like manufacturing bottle caps in a factory. The words look the same as the ones created yesterday. Strings of plastic, strings of articles, flooding the world from means of production. The writer is a living, breathing factory that is limited to the confines to what was created before him. There is no room for talent or creativity here. The writer must assemble and assemble and assemble.

You don’t need the qualifications a writer has, to be able to do the job. But nobody else opts for it, because writers think it is their forte and dominate the field. What these writers do not consider is that content writing kills writers. It will crush your spirit and rip your heart to shreds.

Content writers hate writing, reading and coming across language. They feel pure hatred when they read sales banners and billboards. They feel frustrated and ridden by guilt, because they helped to murder the writers inside of them.

But you don’t have to do the same.

At LexiConn, you don’t have to kill the writer. We abhor manufacturing, so you will never find yourself using tautology. No kidding; you’ll see.

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