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No! There Are No Free Lunches 

Have you ever walked into a restaurant and asked for free starters? So that you could decide if you wanted to order the main course? Or have you ever asked a hair stylist to cut a small section of your hair so that you could “judge” if s/he can be trusted for a complete hairdo? We hope not.

When we get requests like,

  • Just write a couple of pages so that we can be sure that you understand things…
  • We only need a rough, low resolution version of what you can come up with… don’t worry, we won’t judge you by it…
  • Can you just put together a “strategy deck” or a “few concepts”
  • Send us a couple of options, we want to see how good you are, and the most diplomatic…
  • I am sure about your capabilities, I just need something to show these to my management

… we know we are not starting on the right note.

I understand, but…
Alas, such is the nature of the services industry. Unlike a product, a service, once provided, cannot be retrieved or modified for someone else. Developing a creative piece, be it a web design, an info-graphic, some e-mail copy, a punch line, a tagline, or a product name, requires a LOT of background work. We need to understand the client’s business, their objective, their challenges, their target audience, their competitor’s activities, and their preferences. All of which is unique to that client.

Sometimes we need to go through tens of pages of technical manuals, hundreds of PowerPoint slides, retrieve annual reports, study (sometimes even preempt) trends, access competitor info – all of this is a lot of work!

Oh! But Why Cant You…
Now you might ask, especially if you are buying, as to what is wrong with asking for samples. I say nothing, just the small tiny this… it can’t be FREE!

If a content writing company delivers copy that does not match your expectations, there is the option of feedback and discussion for revision. The company can even assign a new writer to the project, to experiment with a different style, that can lead to a new outcome. Usually, the following steps are involved in content writing:

Content Writing Process

Also, availing customized free samples is not the only way to judge a company. Here are some ideas to help you shortlist a content marketing company that is right for you:

  • Choose a well-established company, not just a group of freelancers. This adds to their credibility, and you can choose from a pool of writers, driven by the same passion.
  • Specialists Vs Generalists. Look for companies that can offer you subject matter experts for your line of work. Unfortunately, in this Internet age, some writers claim that they can write for ALL subjects. You know that’s a sham!
  • Look for experience. Browse their website for samples. Ask for the work done and the sectors they have catered to. Looking at their clientele and read the case studies and testimonials.
  • Ask how many re-drafts the company provides. This way, you can be sure that they are open to feedback, thus creating content perfectly suited to your requirements.

Pick a trustworthy content writing company, and you will not need any free samples. Contact us for your content writing needs.

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